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dear stone I’m having a hard time with concealer and setting powder everything I used is up looking cakey and powdery I’ve been using drugstore products do you think I need high-end help is on the way so I’m assuming that you mean under-eye and by cakey you’re probably meaning like not smooth rough patches and just not like that seamless airbrushed look that you’re going for to start off of course you want to make sure that your skin is properly prepped because if it’s not that could cause cakiness some people on their skin it’s not properly properly I don’t want to say clean but if you have rough skin and you don’t exfoliate sometimes when you put makeup on top it can look a little bit cakey because you have texture there and it’s not smooth so you want to make sure that you exfoliate regularly at least like a couple of times a week and then that could just help the canvas which is your skin to be as smooth as possible for your makeup also you want to make sure that your skin is not too oily or too dry if your skin is too dry of course that could sometimes lead to having like dead skin or flakiness on the skin so whenever you apply your under-eye products then sometimes you can get that cakey build up and the same thing if it’s too oily you can get built up as well so if your skin is too oily or too dry make sure you have the proper skin care routine and the proper primer after your moisturizer for either oily skin or dry skin before I started I just got a wife and made sure that everything was cleaned off my face and then I applied my moisturiser so now I’m going to go in and prime using Smashbox photo finish primer I have a little sample of it and this stuff is really smooth it helps you to get like a smooth canvas on your face it’s sort of like a silicone based primer so if you have super oily skin you might want to stay away from silicone primers just because it adds that sleekness I would invest in the Becca matte primer or either the make up forever step one that’s really really good if you have oily skin and you can already see right now how this primer is like just smoothing out everything so that way when I go in with under-eye concealer or any type of powders it’s very smooth in that area so the step one is you just really want to make sure that your skin is properly prepped and smooth because if you go in with any type of products and your skin is not properly prepped or have texture anything then that definitely is going to add to cakiness and I’ve told you guys this before having a smooth makeup look or a flawless finish is about thin layers of product so you never want to have too much of any one product because that definitely will add to cakiness so right after primer I’m going to go in and color correct which to do that I’m going to be using the NYX conceal correct and contour palette the reason why I’m going to go in and color correct first is you want to do thin layers of every single product so by me color correcting first like a thin layer cancelling out these little dark scars that I have I don’t have the POW as much concealer or as much foundation on because everything is already cancelled out and with each product you apply you want to make sure that everything is as smooth and seamless as possible so I’m just going to go ahead and buff out the edges of the product using my fingers because tools are important too and don’t forget that your fingers is one of the best tools and makeup that you can use so now that we have our thin layer of color corrector and everything is smooth you just want to take one look over and just make sure nothing is cakey you don’t have any extra buildup anywhere and then and then ensure that you’ve taken the proper amount of time to blend because blending is going to be key as well and making sure that your makeup is not cakey so today for foundation I’m going to go in with Mac’s Pro Longwear nourishing waterproof foundation and once again you want to use minimal product so if you noticed when I blended everything with my foundation I didn’t apply the foundation like up here directly under the eye I put dots all around my face but the closest I got to under I was probably like here and then I use my beauty blender to blend going upward that way I don’t have like a whole clump or too much product directly under the eye and sometimes that can cause build-up so with your concealers in your foundation make sure you don’t apply directly under the eye and then blend it going upward that way you know for a fact you have minimal product there so for concealers you want to be careful to choose the right product because some concealers are too heavy for certain skin type some of the concealers that I like is the Maybelline fit me on pretty much everybody this should be okay la girl Pro concealer it’s really cheap and it goes on really nice and then the dream Lumi highlighting concealer pin I really like this one too it goes on really nice and smooth under-eye so the same thing with under-eye you don’t want to get the product too close to the under eye area I’m going to go ahead and use the Dream Lumi and so whenever I apply it I’m careful to sort of go here I’m not going all the way up but just a little bit ways down that way you have room to blend it up and you know you’re not going to have cakiness built up under there I love to blend out under-eye concealer with my finger but if you don’t want to use your finger then you can use like a Beauty Blender or something like that and you see how I’m working the product upward I’m blending the majority of the products out and then whatever is left I’m sort of working it upward that way I’m getting that color that I want there but I’m not getting a whole lot of product there like that so it’s nice and smooth under eyes once again you want to be careful with choosing a power because with some powders you can experience cakiness even if all the previous steps I showed you is leaning towards a smooth under-eye if you have a powder that’s too heavy for you or that doesn’t really work with your skin makes you orally or oxidizes weird on you then you will experience taking it so you want to find a powder that’s good for you a couple of powders that I really like to use under eye is the RCM a no color powder it’s a really thin finely finely milk product and it just glides on very smooth without being too heavy I like to apply it with a brush like this or either sometimes I like to use like cosmetic wedges um that does really good too so just kind of throwing some options out there if you tried some of the things I’m saying I just want to have few options out there because some of the stuff I’m saying you know my car’s cakiness may not cause cakiness for others I really like the Ben Nye luxury powders those powders are really really finely milled and they go on really smooth under-eye as well so for today I’m going to take my Revlon nearly naked face powder and it’s in the color medium deep and I’m going to use this elf small tapered brush it’s three dollars at Target this brush is really good for under-eye and I’m just going to lightly sit again just like applying the concealer whenever you put your brush down first that’s where the majority of the product is going to go so whenever you dip the products in the powder don’t apply directly under here first you kind of don’t want to go down a little bit and then fade your way upward so down a little bit and then fade your way upward so I’m going to finish the rest of my face real quick and I’ll come back and show you the final look and after you finish all of your powder products you want to make sure you spray your face with some type of setting spray what this does is eliminate that powdery look and make it sink into your skin and start to look more like skin so with those steps I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to get a better application and eliminate at least some of your taint unasyn I hope so if you have any further questions make sure you leave a comment below thank you so much for watching and until next time thank you for Rolling Stone

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