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How to Recover Jewelry from a Drain | Roto-Rooter

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Few things are more stressful than
losing jewelry down a sink drain, but if you act quickly, and follow these
instructions, you'll most likely be able to recover an
item from the drain before it slips away forever. When jewelry goes down the drain, it's usually a bathroom sink drain. A woman might drop a ring or an earring
while doing hair or applying makeup, while a man might drop a tie tack in the
same way. If an item falls into an open sink drain, don't run water into the drain. Water
could push the item beyond your reach. Without water flowing into the drain, the
item will remain in the P-trap, which is the 'J'-shaped pipe beneath your

You'll need to disassemble the P-trap in
order to recover the item. But first, there's a shortcut if you have a wet/dry
shop-vac. Don't use a regular vacuum; you could be
electrocuted. Remove the pop-up stopper assembly if it
isn't out already, carefully stretch a nylon stocking over the end of the shop-vac hose and hold it tightly in place. Then place the stocking covered hose end over the drain hole and turn on the shop-vac. Wait a few seconds, then lift the hose away from the drain. With luck, your jewelry will be sticking to the stocking. The shop-vac technique works best on
small and lightweight items such as earrings. But if the shop-vac isn't strong
enough to suck up heavier jewelry, you'll need to remove the
P-trap beneath the sink. First, grab a bucket and put on some rubber gloves.

Next, check to see if you have the type
of P-trap that can be disassembled by hand, or if you're going to need tools. A good
set of Channellock pliers works best, but any wrench that can get around the
release will work to. Loosen the nut and carefully pull the pipe assembly apart. Pour out the water into your bucket. The jewelry should fall right into the bucket. Reassemble the pipe and tighten it securely. If your lost item is not inside the
P-trap, that means it has travelled into the
branch line, or maybe even into the main sewer. If so, don't run water or flush toilets
anywhere in the house. Call Roto-Rooter right away. We have
special video cameras that can be snaked through your pipes. They help us find, then recover your
jewelry. Remember, a Roto-Rooter professional is only a
click or call away..

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