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Hey guys welcome to my channel, today video is going to talking about oily skin, and how to stop the grease. I’m gonna talk to you guys about really howling to get that perfect foundation and not having the oily mess. I am a super greasy grease ball during the summer time ya know I get the grease right here, and mostly on my forehead. And it is a never ending battle, but I have done specific things to help control the oil.

Now I am well aware that I say the word oil wrong instead of oil, I was raised in the south and girl, that’s what we say it oil okay. It’s oil Oh My God! So you’re just gonna have to bypass that in this video cuz i aint changing for nobody. Also I’m going to be talking about alot of products that are great for oily skin They will all be in the description box below so check that out before you leave that way it can help you decide on what products you should be using. I will be talking about drugstore and high end products where i’ll have them listed down below anyways But yeah this is, I don’t have on any lip product on I completely forgot to put lip product on. “Boingg” But this is the final look, and actually looking at myself in the monitor right now, it’s very matte and beautiful. And we’re gonna get there. Subscribe to my channel and ah don’t forget to turn on the little notification bell because that will let you know that Laura Lee has posted a video and that you should be watching it lol Alright we’re gonna jump right in and get started.

Okay ah lord my nose is bleeding I scratched myself. Okay guys this is my skin you are looking at right here super close up This is my grease ball area and occasionally right through here which i think is like the typical look at that. Please stop bleeding which i think is a pretty typical area to get oily throughout the day so I’m gonna teach you all my tips and tricks And we’re gonna jump on it and get started First off I’m going to recommend to you guys wash your face. I know it may not feel like anythings on your face in the morning but there is lots of grease and leftover residue from sleeping for 8, 6, 5 hours however long you slept Go ahead wash it off and begin with a clean start next step is moisturize and you need to moisturize in a very specific way Do not use a cream moisturizer if you have oily skin I’m talling you in it full of oil and you’re just packing oil on your already oily skin There are so many great gel moisturizers that are water based instead of oil based that will hydrate you skin Even more than a cream moisturizer it just doesnt have oil in it There are legit loads of gel moisturizers that are amazing oil free they wont grease up your face, they will moisturize it They will end any dry skin and dry patches on your skin Today I’m going to be using tarte H2O Drink of H2O it is such a great gel moisturizer very light weight just two dots is good enough And this just creates just like a flawless base on your skin Once that is done I like to let that set in before I move on to the next just give it a minute 60 seconds, something like that And then we’re gonna move onto priming the skin This is a pretty important part It creates a great barrier between your face and makeup and if you use the right primer, it can help control the amount of oil your producing One that I love is the anti shine flawless base by Natasha Danona this one is great for oily skin And another one that’s new that I’m loving is the self adjusting complexion primer Shine control by Urban Decay I am going to go ahead and use the urban decay i’m just going to do a small pea sized amount nothing cray-cray just rub it on your fingers and only apply it in the areas that get a little greasy woah i literally don’t cake my whole face in it, it’s not your foundation it’s just your base and uh you know you don’t want to use to much product next we’ll go ahead and go on to foundation you really want to look at and make sure your foundation is oil free you want to make sure it doesn’t have a lot of sunscreen in it even though it is great for protecting your skin from the sun sunscreen usually leaves a greasy mess all over my face if i know i will be out in the sun all day l just go ahead and add sunscreen

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