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How to Treat Different Types of Breakouts & Acne In Your Skincare Routine – Beauty Within

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Hello everyone welcome back I am Rowena I am Felicia We’ve all heard the saying "Don’t be crazy about small things" Easy to say but surprisingly These little things still occupy a large part of our minds The protagonist of today's show They look trivial but frustrate confidence These annoying little guys Acne I am troubled by acne right now I have acne for the first time recently Yes I now finally understand the troubles of oily skin I believe many people have sympathy Although they are small and insignificant Has a big impact They may affect deep skin No matter what age Acne problems can really affect a person’s self-esteem and self-confidence And everyone has different causes of acne This is even more frustrating And when you get depressed, the acne gets worse why But believe us you are not alone When we understand the cause of acne Can be more confident Find the proper way to treat them thoroughly The program will also show you the effects of various anti-acne products Including invisible acne patch Pink acne lotion As well as ointments and anti-acne anti-inflammatory cream The most important thing is how to use these products in daily maintenance Of course by convention We will delve into specific ingredients Otherwise, it won't fit our program style, right? So we will introduce some common anti-acne ingredients Like zinc, salicylic acid, benzene peroxide and tretinoin How do they improve acne Let’s first understand how acne is formed I can say boldly Even if you have flawless skin I have had acne at least once in my life I hope God is fair So how does acne form? When the pimple sticks out What changes are happening under the skin? Story time Once upon a time on the vast skin There are thousands of small holes Their name is pore Look inside You will find hair follicles deep inside Like the Czech magic beans And the nutritious flowerpot underneath Sebaceous glands It creates a sticky substance called sebum Sebum moves along the hair follicle to the surface of the skin every day At the same time, the skin continues to metabolize necrotic cells They have completed the task Ready to enter the next stage Into crumbs In the dust visible and invisible to the human eye Half is made up of necrotic skin cells It sounds scary This natural oil is like a high-performance wetsuit Not only can fix organs and cells At the same time waterproof Can help maintain life and health And there are three kinds of people in this story Dry skin, oily skin and other people who fall in between Everyone can get acne But get to the bottom Acne is inflammation and skin metabolism Acne indicates excessive metabolism of skin cells New cells are constantly being produced And the old cells are too late to get rid of Will cause pores to accumulate and clog Inflammation inside our body can also cause acne Like hormones, diet and sleep, etc.

These are directly related to the inflammation inside the body When our body perceives Acne bacteria live on hair follicles Or too many dead cells accumulate in the pores The body sends out white blood cells To fight against these bad things in the pores Acne will form in the end Plump and delicious delicious Yes So think about it Acne is actually a good thing, right? Because this is the body’s natural response to fighting foreign invaders Above body surface reaction But the internal cause of acne Is the fluctuation of hormones Hormonal changes will cause the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum It also increases the possibility of necrotic cells accumulating in the pores Eventually cause acne One of the most important but underestimated causes of acne Is our diet Different foods may cause inflammation in different parts of the body Of course this varies from person to person But generally speaking, fried food, milk, sugar Will cause a series of reactions inside the body Eventually cause inflammation We have done two episodes to explore these mechanisms in depth Everyone can go and see After understanding the reactions inside and outside the body Let's talk about two common types of acne Any acne acne can be divided into two types Non-inflammatory and inflammatory Non-inflammatory refers to whiteheads and blackheads What is the difference between whiteheads and blackheads? Whiteheads are small white or flesh-colored spots or bumps on the skin Usually round And there will be wrinkles, redness or tightness around It also contains necrotic cells, grease and bacteria Accumulate in the pores together Whiteheads are usually small and easy to squeeze The pain index is about one to two points Sometimes I don’t even notice its existence Until I was scared when I looked in the mirror Sometimes you think you look cute But seeing the mirror Just startled Another important thing is It is closed acne Not exposed to air Blackheads are open acne In other words, it is different from whiteheads The upper end of blackheads is open Oxidize the sebum in the pores So the sebum will turn black Just like you put the fruit on the table, the color will become darker So it’s not because of accumulated dirt that darkens the pores But because of the air Different from non-inflammatory acne Inflammatory acne is more complicated Including papules, pustules, boils, cysts They are characterized by a little redness Sometimes itchy If you pick it up, it will leave permanent scars or potholes So when we mentioned acne The most common are papules and pustules Pimples are enlarged versions of white heads Is a soft protrusion Red and swelling caused by inflammation in the center Pustules are the evolution of pimples Like the Pokémon grows bigger and bigger More and more pus It is a protrusion that spreads around The inside looks like a sun egg Correct The good news is that most anti-acne products on the market Can help improve these three types of acne Whiteheads, pimples and pustules In addition, anti-acne products may not help Finally, let’s introduce the most serious acne types Including boils and cysts Nodal boils look like flesh-colored lumps It's hard and it hurts There may also be redness and inflammation around Because the roots and inflamed areas of the boils are much deeper than the pimples This is why it hurts so much If you have a boil, you will know what we mean Whole is hard Even if you want to squeeze it May not squeeze out anything It may be full of blood and it will be very painful Next is the cyst It's a completely different state Because it is formed very deep in the skin And there is a film wrapped around Like the womb Can make your own nutrition If you want to completely remove You have to cut the film first And take it out of the root And the cyst may exist for a long time And keep getting worse Finally when you seek professional assistance to take it out It’s like "Pox Doctor" It even smells bad So if you have a cyst, it is best to seek professional help A cyst like this is definitely not just a superficial problem The root of the problem comes from inside the body and hormones That is totally different Because Rowena has dry skin She may never experience the trouble of long-term acne So i brought you a gift What is it? Squeeze acne toys? Open it Oh that toy Oh my god This is a piece of meat with pus in it I'll help you assemble There is already something in it I'm not sure if it has been used But this is really disgusting Looks so real The method of use is to first put this small pot of pus Place it in the microwave for 10 seconds Magical 10 seconds (Felicia singing) All right Everyone is ready Come shake it Can hear the sound Ah ah ah It solidifies very fast This is what happens when we wash our faces Sorry ice cubes Is it soap Is the skin This is more fun than cooking About to give Rowena a gift All you have to do now is squeeze it This is fun you have never experienced Squeeze it like acne But we don’t recommend everyone to squeeze acne Will it flow out Does your acne flow out of your pores? Because it imitates the real skin Ah ah ah Do not Nails Oh my god Squeeze hard Unfortunately it can only be played once High five Back to acne treatment Let’s start with the acne lotion You may have seen these small bottles in the market Filled with clear liquid And there is a pink powdery precipitate underneath Please remember not to shake it Many brands have anti-acne lotion E.g.

Mario Badescu, Kate Somerville Even a Korean beauty brand Like Etude House is the first bottle of acne remover I have ever used It is one of the boxed sets What is its principle? The secret is in the sediment It usually contains zinc oxide, calamine, sulfur Or all three These ingredients can stop the pus in whiteheads Sulfur Sulfur absorbs sebum and dries out necrotic cells And reduce the keratin in the pores This is why many anti-acne products contain sulfur So how to use it First of all, as Rowena said Don't shake it Its design is when you use Alcohol and water will coat the pink sediment So it is recommended to dip it with cotton swabs Then apply on the acne And best as the last step of night maintenance Use after makeup remover, toner, serum, moisturizer In theory you can use it all day If you don't mind a little bit of face Will look like this skirt very cute By the way, this is why we wear polka dots Our clothes don’t just match each other It also matches the theme Acne treatment water can really speed up acne recovery But may cause dry surrounding skin But it’s not too dry for me You may feel a slight tingling sensation Especially after you squeeze the acne or it is open And the tingling sensation disappeared after a few seconds Now let’s introduce the acne patch We brought some today a zing zing zing These acne patches have recently made a breakthrough in the skin care industry They are also called hydrophilic dressing acne patches Absorb the dirt, pus and oil in acne Their main ingredients are gelling agents like pectin or gelatin At the same time, it can prevent skin and acne from contacting bacteria in the environment Or UV damage from the sun At the same time suck the dirt out of whiteheads and pustules Of course it also controls our urge to touch or squeeze the acne Speed ​​up the recovery process Another interesting thing is We found an experiment for acne patch Experimental results show that people who use hydrophilic dressings for acne patch After three to seven days, the redness, oily, and pigmentation of the mat improved Some acne patches on the market now have micro-needles Can penetrate the skin surface Inject ingredients into the inflamed area Sounds a little scary But don't worry You won't feel pain Like being bitten by a mosquito Yes because these microneedles are smaller than ⅓ of the diameter of the hair But you will feel its existence Because when you put it on your face To hold for at least 10 seconds I feel a bit tingling at first But it passed immediately These micro-needle acne patches and general acne patches Usually contains salicylic acid or tea essential oil And other soothing ingredients like hyaluronic acid or niacin Promote skin healing and remove dirt from acne Neogen's this one is completely transparent I like its design edge is sticker While the center is Active ingredients Cosrx also has a very popular acne patch Very affordable It is basic Play the role of covering, protecting and absorbing dirt There are also Peace Out and Avarelle acne patches Contains salicylic acid, niacin and hyaluronic acid But they are slightly more expensive Did you suck up dirt when you got up? Oh my god i must show you superb Show it to everyone Use it after washing your face Stick it directly on the face Some essences can be applied with acne patch after applying But don’t apply moisturizer first or it will slip off Sometimes I don’t even remember the acne patch on my face I found out when I took a bath She only went to work the other day She rides a bicycle and the acne sticks to her face.

There are also anti-acne gels and lotions on the market Can be used to apply to specific areas Next we are going to introduce The most popular anti-acne ingredient in gel products And natural ingredients to fight inflammation Salicylic acid your best friend Salicylic acid is also known as β-hydroxy acid Most anti-acne products have this ingredient Because it is fat-soluble That means it can penetrate deep into the pores Help dissolve sebum Because sebum is oil Dissolve the dead cells and bacteria inside at the same time In other words, it can effectively deal with blackheads, whiteheads and pustules 2% is usually contained in general makeup remover or light spot products But the concentration in lotion and essence will be lower Because they are used to wipe the whole face Not suitable for too stimulating Like Cosrx's blackhead essence The black label Yep Or a pore firming lotion with a turquoise label It contains 0.1 to 0.5% salicylic acid And this one is 9% salicylic acid Its texture is oily To be different from imagination Unexpectedly mild The next day you will find that the condition has improved significantly Because it breaks down sebum Usually I only use it for three consecutive days at most Then the skin will start to peel Because it's quite powerful But it works But if you are not interested in light spots You can try their 2% salicylic acid lotion Sephora's own brand also launched a spot-reducing serum Designed for oily skin It contains hyaluronic acid and salicylic acid And this essence My goodness i want you to feel the texture Burning sensation? Spread evenly on the skin Everyone who likes Dr.

Wu old and new friends Dr. Wu also has a powerful anti-spot serum Contains salicylic acid, niacin, sulfur, tranexamic acid Of course there is salicylic acid Achieve brightening effect while repairing the skin Centella asiatica It shouldn't be here I'll introduce it later But there are also essential cotton pads that also contain salicylic acid Correct This one is from Neogen Much like Bliss's fruit acid rejuvenating cotton You can use it as a lotion to wipe the whole face It also contains soothing ingredients Like camellia, green tea Tea tree essential oil we will talk about later Evening primrose These ingredients have calming and soothing effects We know that some people have uncomfortable reactions with salicylic acid So there is another natural alternative ingredient Called willow bark The salicylic acid will be converted into salicylic acid in the human body Help reduce inflammation and redness Also has antibacterial effect Many products contain this ingredient like Bliss and Ren Its effect is really amazing Especially suitable for sensitive skin that cannot be salicylic acid And because it's relatively mild It is also suitable for dry skin that is prone to acne Yes, some people have acne-prone dry skin And it's a lot Followed by retinol and tretinoin Retinol and tretinoin can reduce sebum secretion in pores At the same time promote the metabolism of the surface skin Ensure the normal metabolism of the skin It can not only act on the pore surface It can also penetrate deep into the root of acne You may have heard Retinol and tretinoin may cause the uppermost layer of the skin to thin Is correct to some extent Because it helps to remove the stratum corneum surface Which is where the dirt accumulates At the same time it thickens the dermis This is why vitamin A and tretinoin are so effective We have two of them mentioned in the show before The first one is CeraVe's renewing cream It contains microencapsulated retinol Will slowly release retinol throughout the night Not released in an instant But slowly released This is a relatively high price Obagi's 0.5% retinol serum And a lot of soothing ingredients One of the things I want to mention is acne moisturizing gel Contains 0.1% adapalene Adapalene is also a kind of retinoic acid This ingredient is only on the market recently You must have a doctor’s prescription before you can get it The next one is benzene peroxide commonly found in acne treatment The role of benzene peroxide is to kill the acne-causing bacteria in the pores Common concentrations are 2.5%, 5% and 10% And usually used for severe acne problems Because it is too powerful But this ingredient may be accompanied by many side effects Such as broken skin, redness and irritation, burning sensation I think it’s best to consult a dermatologist before use La Roche-Posay's Acne Purifying Double Essence Can reduce the number and severity of acne scars And remove blackheads and whiteheads Then we will look down at the more natural ingredients These ingredients have a soothing and calming effect And play a role in disinfection At the same time, it gently regulates the sebum secretion in the skin The previous ones are like bullets And this one is milder The first is tea tree oil Tea tree essential oil is a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient Usually in the product ingredient list It is also called "Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil" However, we recommend not to pour it out of a small bottle and use it directly Because it can cause skin irritation So if you want to buy pure tea tree oil Remember to dilute with water or base oil before use Like jojoba oil and rosehip oil Centella We know that many people like Korean beauty Then you may have seen Centella asiatica It is also called tiger grass It is a very common ingredient in many Asian skin care products Because of this plant herb herb herb herb Mainly distributed in Asia Its purpose is similar to turmeric Can be used as vegetables or as medicine Now it's popular in the West Brands like Olay and Estee Lauder have added it to their products The one we strongly recommend is Cosrx BB cream And Purido's entire Centella asiatica series The one who just appeared on the stage before it was his turn This series of products includes essence, lotion, sunscreen And moisturizer And eye cream Next one is witch hazel Commonly found in skin care products designed for oily skin This ingredient really makes me love and hate Witch hazel has both astringent and anti-inflammatory effects So it can cause dry skin and tighten skin But here comes the point Precisely because it has a convergence effect And is added to products designed for oily skin That means it will absorb the natural oils in the skin Will witch hazel worsen acne-prone skin? Unfortunately it will when she tried the Feres Thayers witch hazel lotion Dear Thayers Maybe she used too much herself For me, I use too much and I get more acne Many viewers have the same experience So this is pretty common I think we all use too much Yes, it can’t be applied on the face like normal lotion That's too much But it’s not to tell everyone not to use it This is really effective for some people However, we would recommend that it is best used in moderation But it has a special purpose Is particularly effective against mosquito bites I can accept this use Because mosquitoes love to bite me Finally we have to look Some small recipes circulating on the Internet Like squeezing toothpaste or lemon on the face Lemon juice is strongly acidic May cause burning, tingling, redness and swelling And other annoying side effects Next is toothpaste This is very similar to the secret recipe of mother-in-law It contains ingredients that make the skin dry Like baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, menthol, essential oils These ingredients can make acne smaller However, toothpaste may cause irritation and cause redness and peeling As well as dryness and burning sensation So no thanks But i tried before Because when I was young I liked to read girl magazines like "Seventeen" "Wow amazing and cheap" It seems to be Gigi Hadid or some fashion supermodel Some people say it works I just want to try All right, the video is over This episode mainly introduces how to treat and prevent acne The above are just common external products on the market But we also want to emphasize We hope you understand Acne is actually an inflammatory reaction inside the body Although topical products can help improve acne Still have to spend some time and effort To find out the root cause of acne I hope you all learn a lot from this episode If you still have questions about specific ingredients We can also do a sequel See you next time

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