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How to troubleshoot the ZOOM settings in GOOGLE CHROME Browser

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Welcome to my video on how to
troubleshoot the zoom settings within Google Chrome.
Lets get started! Open up your Google Chrome browser.
Double-click the tool bar to open up the screen in its current zoom settings. Go to the top right hand corner of the
screen click on the three black bars. Go down to zoom. Now currently you can see that the zoom settings are set to 200 so we can change this to its recommended settings which is a 100. If we're
still having issues we can also click on the 'full screen' button here. which will fully maximize the screen and take away any of the trimmings around the side. Now to get back out of that, you could
just click 'F11' on your keyboard and it will take you back into normal screen mode so 'F11' for full screen mode and 'F11' to come out! Now there are many ways you can also change the screen size by using the
keyboard and your mouse or just just the keyboard on its own.

Now one of the ways you can do that, is to hold down the Control key and move your mouse roller forward or backwards, another way is holding down the Control key and using the 'minus' or the 'plus' to change the screen size. If you still have issues after following the guidelines I've given. You may need to check the screen resolution within your operating system settings,
because it could be set too high or too low for you screen.

Thank you for watching my video I hope
you found this useful please feel free to add a like or a comment below..

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