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How to unplug your kitchen sink using a plunger! Plumbing Tips!

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so here we have a double sink in the kitchen and it has a plug drain as you can see a few things to consider when you're going to clear the drain if it's not working at all as far as flowing I know some people use drain on that type of stuff if you're going to try any chemicals and I'm not a chemical fan at all but if you're going to try any chemicals I personally would use use them if the drain was flowing slowly there's no sense in working at the drain for a while then saying okay I'm going to go buy some chemicals put it down the drain and if it doesn't work you're going to have to take the drain apart down below and have to handle the chemicals so the last resort as far as I'm concerned is scalpels for clearing a drain sorrowful to the environment and yourself now as far as plungers go this style plunger is for toilet you can see the horn on it here and it fits right into the bowl the toys it will also collapse inside there and it can be used for a sink but I kind of like keeping my plungers separate when I have for a toilet use it on toilets one for sinks and basins just a half cup and that's all you need now to clear this drain with a double sink you have to put your plug in the basket strainer which I've done over there and it's just a simple matter of holding down on that while you're plunging with the other hand so let's see what we can do here that's why now some people say pull up there's lies your work on the dream back and forth sooner or later it's going to go I'm just doing this was trying to show trying to show most important person and then folding pull the plug on because you want you want the pressure the plunge of the force on the the pipe itself and most of the time the trap is where the problem is I know depending on the grade of the pipes or whatever and on the grade of the pipe you can end up if your plate on your kitchen sink isn't properly graded a quarter of an inch per foot you're going to end up with trouble so that's something keep in mind but get a half cup this is only a three dollar plunger get a half cup and it's good to go as far as a usage for your sinks and basins anyway I hope that helps people out and enjoy your day

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