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HOW2: How to Go to Sleep Fast!

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– [Orange] Hey, hey fruit lovers. It's time for another
juicy episode of How 2. Orange you glad? (orange laughs) – [Pear] Today, Don Madness wants to know, How 2 got to sleep fast. Great question Don. I have trouble falling
asleep all the time. Except for when Pear starts to talk. – [Pear] What, except
when I start to talk? What are you talking about? – [Orange] Oh, so boring. (orange snores) – [Pear] Ha, ha very funny. (orange laughs) – [Orange] I thought so. – [Pear] All right, step one for falling asleep fast, count sheep.

– [Orange] Yeah, because doing math is boring enough to put anybody out cold. (orange laughs) – [Pear] Yeah, yeah,
yeah, math isn't boring. – [Orange] I'm kidding, I'm kidding. It's not the math that puts you to sleep. It's having so many fluffy
sheep surrounding you. (sheep bleat) By the time a couple dozen sheep are crammed into your bedroom, you're gonna have fluffy sheep wool touching every part of you. Real comfy stuff. You'll sleep like a baby. – [Pear] I don't think that's– – [Orange] 33, 34, (orange snores). – [Pear] Orange, we're talking about counting sheep in your mind! Imaginary sheep. – [Orange] Oh, really? Guess I screwed that one up baaad. (orange laughs) – [Pear] Anyway, option number two is, tire yourself out during the day. If you're worn out when
bedtime rolls around, you'll fall asleep, no sweat.

– [Orange] Oh, this is great. I'm an expert at tiring people out. People say they're tired
of me, like, all the time. – [Pear] You don't say. – [Orange] You can do all sorts of stuff to tire yourself out. Chase sheep around. Play catch with the sheep. Go on a hike through sheep country. – [Pear] Wait, why do all
these activities involve sheep? – [Orange] Oh, I'm sorry. Would you rather they involve cows? (car honks) – [Pear] No, no, no sheep are fine.

– [Orange] Take them back fellas. We won't be needing the cows today. – [Pear] Who are they? The mooooving company. (orange laughs) – [Pear] Oh brother! – [Orange] So anyway, once you're tired from playing with sheep all day, that's when you get all your sheep buddies to cram into your bedroom with ya'. And then you– – [Pear] Orange, enough with the sheep! – [Orange] Okay, okay, you
hear 'em guys, back her up.

– [Pear] Enough with the cows too. – [Orange] Okay, it
doesn't have to be cows. It could be anything you love, really. Presto chango! – [Pear] No. – [Orange] Presto chango! – [Pear] No! – [Orange] Presto chango! – [Pear] Ahhhh, no! – [Orange] Presto, uh-oh! – [Pear] What, what is it? – [Orange] I forgot the magic words. – [Pear] It's presto chango dude. – [Orange] Presto Cheeto? – [Pear] You just said it. – [Orange] Pretzel banjo? – [Pear] Presto chango! – [Orange] Ahhh, I remember it now. – [Pear] Oh, thank goodness. – [Orange] And I just lost it. Yep, I should have got more sleep last night.
– Orange! (orange laughs) (bomb explodes) (upbeat music).

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