INFJs can’t see the trees for the forest.

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ladies and gentlemen welcome back I’m Frank James this is my channel and this is my video I hope you all are having a fantastic day I know I am because it’s a snow day and I got out of work so thank you lord today’s topic is how infjs are big picture people who are always looking to see what’s really going on here what’s the end goal how this helps us how this can be a strength and how this will also ruin all of our lives this video could also be very helpful for INTJs because they’re also big picture people so all you INTJs out there I guess you can watch this video too we love everyone here I think all right so what is the first function for the infj it is… that’s right introverted intuition okay now there’s a lot of garbage out there on the internet on the tubes about introverted intuition about all the functions really so what is introverted intuition what the crap are we talking about when we say this introverted intuition is really just organizing concepts and like any good academic Here I am citing my source so to expand upon that and a bit more introverted intuition organizes ideas concepts in order to find patterns and trends that predict what the future is gonna be like so introverted intuition is in contrast to extraverted intuition extraverted intuition is like gathering new concepts and and seeing how they’re interrelated and everything but it’s not so concerned about taking all these different connections and organizing them and seeing what the big picture is it’s not it doesn’t really care alright so imagine you have a jigsaw puzzle so you’ve got the sky and you’ve got like a city over here and there’s a river and salt pretty and stuff introverted intuition is going to look at all these puzzle pieces and trying to be organizing all the pieces into what they can see from the bigger picture on the box and put all the blue pieces together for the sky and put all the building pieces together you know to make different piles so that you can then go to work putting it together the extraverted intuition person is just going to run over and say hey I think I found some more pieces to the puzzle just throw them in the middle of the table and you’ll be like God love it so the infj because our first function is inverted intuition what we’re trying to do all the time is take everything we know and try to fit it into some kind of pattern trend this is the infj magic this is our superpower okay this is why people like oh man you can see into the future how did you know all this crap it’s quite simple because this is our main function it’s the thing we use the most we catch on to all these patterns and trends before anyone else does and it doesn’t even feel like we’re trying to do it it’s just we see it why doesn’t anyone else see it people are like amazed don’t I gosh how did you know that person was gonna do that and it’s just sort of like well clearly from what I know this is the pattern so it’s not like no one else can figure things out we just do it so naturally that it seems like a superpower I mean the other thing here is that this is the downside to it we don’t always know enough all the time to know what the big picture is we can’t we can’t know everything this is I think perhaps one of the biggest downsides of being an infj when you reach these points where you don’t know enough to see the big picture you feel like you’re losing control you don’t really understand what’s going on you don’t see the patterns of how things fit together and it just feels like randomness that is the big thing that is going to cause us misery with introverted intuition so what does this translate to in real life and means infj is hate drips of information without understanding the goal without understanding what we’re moving toward what the pattern is that connects it all sort of like if you’re following a recipe and you’re just going line by line but you don’t know what you’re making an infj it would just be like no no what are we making tell me what we’re making or I’m not cracking one more egg mom so for instance this is where it becomes very applicable to your life an infj who has a job where they don’t really understand the big picture of what they’re doing where they don’t see the goal they don’t necessarily have to appreciate the goal but if they don’t understand the goal the infj going to be miserable I myself have had a job like this where I was constantly frustrated I built scenery for the drama department at my college we would need to be doing things fast and I’d work with one professor his way of directing me to do things was to just say do this thing screw this into this and it would be this micro part of the job and I had no idea what it was for I had no idea if what it was going to turn into later and when you’re building things like that you start with these smaller parts that then go into the set so you have to put these pieces of wood together it doesn’t make any sense and then later you find out oh this is a house and sometimes I would just be totally lost and feeling like I was grinding my gears and I would make all these stupid mistakes and I would bring the stuff that he told me to do and he said this isn’t right and I’m like what do you mean I did what you said and he would say well no because now I can’t fit it into this other thing and I’m like well if you had told me where this was going I wouldn’t have made those mistakes so if you have a job like that and you’re an AI nxj you’re gonna be grinding your gears a bit okay and now this is where it starts to get a little creepy we need to know the big picture when it comes to other people I think in the infj stare video I made a couple weeks ago I talked about this how we look at other people and we’re trying to just boil them down to concepts basically we’re abstract izing them if I can coin a word right now and that’s it’s the introverted intuition wanting to see the big picture okay this person said this they said this what are they aiming at what is the point here we’re trying to take a complex organism and and boil them down to a couple of ideas sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t usually it can make a seem a bit analytical and distant from people the bad side to this is that you know we’re trying to see this person as a whole to try to figure them out and meanwhile we’re ignoring their specific needs in the moment we’re not really connecting with them in the present on very meaningful way we’re trying to step back and we’re trying to understand them completely in a simplistic way because that’s how we can understand the rest of the world but in a way it can kind of ruin any closeness with people unless you can learn to turn it off and be like okay I need to connect with this person one-to-one to see them in the present moment to see where they are right now to not just try to be condensing them into a few piffy concepts okay then when it really gets concerning for the infj is when we start to view the world as a whole and try to identify the big picture because we’re gonna turn on the news and we’re gonna see all the garbage that’s happening and we’re gonna say well clearly no one is keeping their eye on the big picture here so we’re all screwed which is a reason why an infj probably shouldn’t watch the news because you’re gonna be trying to make sense of all of it and you’re not going to be able to so and then this is gonna really hit home so brace yourself we need to see the big picture in our own lives which can be very difficult sometimes it can throw us into depression when we can’t see like what is all this driving towards why don’t I have control over all of these other things and there’s so many things that I don’t know and I can’t make sense of any of it that’s when it starts to really get you down this introverted intuition so as you know there’s intuition and they’re sensing so there’s like opposites and so if your main function is going to be introverted intuition then your last function is going to be the opposite extroverted sensing and this is to scale if your internet intuition is this big and this developed your extroverted sensing is going to be this tiny and weak so introverted intuition is our big function so we neglect the extroverted sensing extroverted sensing is being in the present moment and seeing all the details you know the the saying oh he’s missing the forest for the trees I enough Jays are the reverse of that we missed the trees for the forest so we’re walking all around in the forest and we see the big picture we’re like oh isn’t this a beautiful forest and it’s so big and it’s part of this ecosystem and then you run into a tree because you’re not paying attention to where you are in the present moment and the details so solutions what do we do about this problem how do we prevent our lives from burning down and a flaming wreck around us I know I keep harping on the spirituality junk guys but I think this is why I in particular and many INFJs are drawn to spirituality because we realize that we can’t know everything and what may be looking for that big pattern in the universe like what does it all mean what is it all driving for what is the biggest picture that’s what spirituality offers now that’s not to say you can’t be an infj atheist cuz maybe you’ll learn to get to that point we say there ain’t no pattern and I’m ok with that at any other way whatever way you want to go you need to learn to come to that point where there’s a limit to your knowledge you can’t know everything that doesn’t mean that everything’s going down in flames that just means you don’t know basically for any type what you need to do is to be developing this little withered atrophied function in order to improve your life basically so that means for the infj you need to be developing a conscious focus on the present moment on now you need to learn to focus on the details like I said you need to accept that you can’t always know the big picture so that’s why I enough J people are big picture people I shared with you what I think are the good aspects of that and the aspects that are gonna ruin our lives and my opinion on how to make sure that you don’t go crazy as an infj alright so since it is a snow day why don’t you say we go outside huh alright let’s go thanks for joining me outside this is why I love the snow so much because it’s so quiet the sky is grey it’s this simplified color palette there’s not all this detail to take in there’s not all this small picture stuff I wish that every day could be like this although maybe I wouldn’t say that if I was in a place that every day was like this there’s a Cardinal over there on the birdfeeder I’m going to try to sneak up on it we’ll get some nature shots well it’s not Cardinal though oh wait the Cardinals on the ground there he goes okay so I’m probably not going to become a nature photographer alright well thanks for watching give me a 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