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Keeney Manufacturing Cable Drive Bath Drain Install Tutorial

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this video contains instructions for installing your new cable drive bath drain first let's turn off the water source leading to the bath next lay out all the included piping and test fit them together refer to the diagram in your instructions or the photo on the box for the correct layout you next test fit the assembly the assembly is designed to fit a wide variety of bathtubs so you may have to cut down the tubes as you can see here we'll be doing some cutting of our own the next step is to measure where our cuts will go based on lining up the parts in their installed position and marking the outside of the tubes take a little time doing this remember it's always better to leave a little extra and have to go back and make another cut and to cut them too short the first time once you have your marks go ahead and cut the tubing now reassemble the parts for a test fit as you can see here we need to shorten the top tube just a little more now we'll mark our pipe and make our final cut back for one more test fit you can see here that the head tilts to allow for the slight angle on the tub this also helps in case our cut was slightly off now that we know all of our pieces will fit together correctly it's time to glue together the assembly take caution when gluing together the assembly the types of glues used form a very strong watertight seal and if a mistake is made and the parts are assembled in the wrong layout chances are the parts will not come apart next install the gasket onto the overflow assembly hold the assembly in place behind the tub and install the overflow locking plate and threaded nipple you now it's time to mount the control handle using the set screw located inside it next place the rubber gasket in between the base of the tub and the waist shoe in order to install the top mount strainer we need to prepare the putty that will form the seal simply roll out enough putty to fit all around the strainer and press it on don't worry about using too much putty here the remaining putty will be removed once installed place the strainer in the hole and press down gently so it centers itself now take the threaded waste bolt and tighten down the strainer you'll want to get a good seal here so go ahead and snug it down now we can remove the excess putty and install the stopper go ahead and test out the new bath drain to make sure everything is functioning correctly now you can turn on the water source and give your new bath drain a test

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