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Live Case Study List Building With Anthony Hayes webinar 2

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cast is now starting all attendees are in listen-only mode all right can you hear me ok everybody here excuse me oh you're ready fifth bacon here right okay so hopefully it's loud enough but not you don't hear this fun above my head is kind of hot here this moment I've got a air-conditioned money anyway I'm so the other day we we were talking about this strategy here that I've sort of put together from doing a lot of intensive research learning watching how other people who do things like this successfully do people like Ryan Deiss and from digital marketer his company's his people like it was another course called high traffic Academy and there's another guy who had done a wso guy called Chris groves I think he's got a lot of free content on YouTube as well he's got some very very simple ways to do things but very effective wasted the things not picked up actually quite a bit from him as well as the other five hundred dollar courses the little wso course was just as valuable to me as well okay so what I've done from that is I've kind of come up with this strategy that I've got here and that we shared the other day in in the in slide okay so what I've done I've created a new slide from the SEO Sunday I just go and grab that now actually yeah I've grubbed I've done another slide if I can find a dumb thing yeah and it's got all the same information I've added some more information as well okay you get a shareable link copy the link I'm going to put this in here you can go and get it if you go into page 7 or slide 7 of this you're going to start to see resources building okay just keep in mind um it will be on slide number seven I might even put it at the end at some point okay and things that we're going to need well we're building this up while we r m well we go for words in the campaign sort of anything that you need to know anything you need a quick link for we can put in here okay right now let's come back over here and let's come over to suppose anyone off to close that one off what is that we need to find I need to Bing ads okay I'm just going to put the link in here for Bing ads as well I'll hyperlink it later for now just want to get the link in here did anybody get the coupons I'm on fiverr com supply over actually some really good gigs on 50 for people to set up your campaigns for you buy cheaply as well we go in here Bing ads coupons this is where we can get a lot of free stuff where we can test the free national exam the keyword research for being this is all kind of good stuff looking for coupons though I'm sure in here you can find them I was looking the other day and there was nothing at all for worldwide or time and it was all you UK or you I said I could see in here um did anybody get coupons from anyone no answer you don't see any responses that means nobody's well if you're not going to follow it then you're not going to get any benefit from the guys you've got to be doing this stuff otherwise it's not going to do you much good that's all you're just learning stuff and learning stuff ain't gonna get you anywhere this is for Messi a little bit of ink and yeah again I'll tidy up the hyperlink later okay so I've done a little bit finding for you you need to be doing this there's no point and just watching me doing stuff you're not going to make any money right now you're just going to be stuck in six months time where you are not and it's not that okay we always got a kid learn and fall no matter how good we think we are we've gotta keep moving forward all the time we're just going keep improving keep finding ways to make things easier to make things better to make things more profitable and to keep ourselves really really interested in what we're doing so it's got to be fun thing to do as well ok so anyway some resources in here so let's come over here and this is all day one stuff ok whether it would get it all done today or not I don't really don't know I don't really care we'll do it asn't you know as much as we can there's another webinar tomorrow I think there's another web another day after that we've got I'm Justin Saudi on Monday we've got señor sunday which will just run this into señor Sunday and the next señor Sunday we'll do some things with them feedburner I was I was digging into feet one of the other day and find some interesting stuff which I was planning to do for SEO sunday but we'll just carry on with this so that we can get everything set up and at least start to send the first traffic by the end of SEO Sunday on Sunday night okay that's that's it one so what if we can get into the traffic part today or not it doesn't really matter Don don't panic we will get that ok so first things that we got to consider where are we going to send traffic to so it needs to be somewhere that we think is going to convert ok there's two ways that we can do this there's two obvious ways that we can do this well three actually that I mentioned in the last webinar the first one is to do the rind i smite method send them to a piece of content a valuable piece of content something that's got a good compelling headline that makes people interested that will get them on on to that page that will click that link in as soon as you click that link you've gotta pixel on their computer your pixel dumb you've got them almost like this building ok and as soon as they click on that you can retarget those people immediately ok that's what ryan deiss thousand then what did is this end about what that's what they called a cold traffic method ok call traffic the color undo it of this otherwise a verb is not and then what they do after that is they have a warm traffic message where the sender mug another piece of information where its release it is very very congruent to what the first thing was ok so for exam well I made a blog post about on page SEO okay and I might be talking about due for a no follow links then I might send an email and say why don't you check out this plug-in that I've got cold link control and command up and you can get it today and for the next 48 hours for seven dollars ok so we're making the traffic we're taking the one traffic that already noises them we're giving them an offer and we put them for a funnel from that point forward okay now way we can get our money back from the advertising that way we can separate the buyers from the people who didn't buy and they will just stay on the general list and that buyers list and becomes a little bit more valuable and then we can therefore market in different ways as we segment the list that's the way the professionals know that's the way everybody is doing it when they're doing things properly it's not always the easiest thing to set up if you're trying to do everything on your own my best device is that what I did just get stuff done and don't worry if we can't segment at least I still have a segmented mother's not not once have I segmented my list not once okay and there was lack of time it's not like of understanding or lack of knowledge but just lack of time and it doesn't always have to be perfectly so kids to take imperfect action as long as you're taking action and live in forward okay so it concerns me when I ask is anybody got the coupons and nobody's got the coupons because otherwise you'd just watching me sitting here talking and that's not going to do you much good so I'm actually a bit disappointed under need some people to be doing this otherwise I feel like it's a waste of time all right anyway um so where we sent in traffic to it is one of the big questions that's the biggest one right now how we need to understand our market we need to understand the mind of a you know market and what kind of offer will really make them click for to be able to cookie them okay at least cookie them the second way to do is to send them director of space page okay that way to me makes more sense i I understand the ryan deiss method where you're taking call traffic and then you're making a warmer etc etc that's all fine but these guys pedobear professionals these guys have got a huge team of very very talented people who are just doing this stuff all day long okay they're just traffic pair traffic experts that's all they learn all day long okay they've got a confidence they've got a budget they got everything behind them because most smartest minds on internet marketing for us it's just us okay so what we need to do is we need to try and cover corner but wherever we can just take that imperfect action and make stuff happen so what we're going to do is we're going to send them straight to a squeeze page but we're going to use a compelling headline to get them there okay that means to get crooked immediately so we do with the ryan deiss thing anyway so I'm just a click on that link they're getting crooked okay then we give them the offer for the for the free plug in okay so I'm going to give them away link control for one computer license okay i'm going to give them the control for one computer license and that version they can upgrade later so that would be my upsell later is for them to take a five site or ten site or an unlimited license something like that okay that I haven't figured I actually haven't got my funnel in place but it's going to be something like that the most important thing for me right now to get the email address often I do not you know have this sequence of emails as autoresponder of emails it's not because i'm lazy is because i actually don't like the automation of it i really don't like the automation of it in a way that it can get i can go out there very very quickly and it's happened to me a couple times before where i put some great content over you know period of days and you know people sending me emails and said well that link is booking in this link is booking and you kind of get that you've got that that kind of thing in place so if you're working on your own it can be a little bit of a disadvantage although all the pros will tell you you've got to have that autoresponder sequence I can only talk for my own experience and they will talk from this for me it's never really hurt me it has never heard me because my engagement comes from me doing things like what I'm doing like this when I'm teaching stuff when I'm you know showing people stuff when I'm doing stuff where there's not a Buy button at the end of everything I do okay well you know you treat people with a little bit of respect and just hopefully that you know when you go something to sell they've got the same respect coming back to you and that you can build that relationship and you can build that trust as you've gone alone okay these are the guys that may have this autoresponder sequence like you know gay slur and the chaperone this guy's a positive very very good at what to do the very good at taking call traffic and turning into customers with very very clever marketing tactics and strategies for me I like to keep it simple get to know other people that the people get to know me understand my customers keep things warm by giving them good information by giving them free information by teaching them stuff other people will charge a shitload of money for and really the writ be chargin what the money to let you see how you build your business okay and if we be charging some people in internet marketing extremely greedy I mean really really really greedy it stands out you when you talk to them for you know more than 10-15 minutes on skype sometimes you think oh my lord I don't want to be like that you know um and you know just as people get to know you you building that warmth anywhere you're building that that trust and the know I can trust factor and when you've got that built up it's actually to me in my mind more sincere it's more it's just better than all the marketing tactics and strategies and everything you know one hook from one email to another it might work like that and my work and you might have to think really hard I like to keep things just nice and simple give value build that relationship like that and that way you can just keep things simple and just be yourself and just get the information and hopefully in return people will get a great value and they will provide back for you when you got something so simple as that okay so you don't have to complicate things is what I'm trying to say you don't have to make things harder than what they are you just need to keep things real okay keep things real treat people with respect if you're going to give them something then make sure something of value and something that you can follow up with if you choose to monetize that so for example if i decide to monetize with a unlimited site license for seventeen dollars or something like that whatever you might be make sure that you have that option there whether you choose to use or not then it's always that so that you can pull your money back advertising okay but it doesn't have to be expensive anyway okay right so what actions do we want to happen when people land on one page well very very simply we want people to give us an email okay that's what we want the very least it's going to happen anyway if they click on the link is to get cricket so that means that we can remark it's them okay what keywords to be used to get them there and what sources are keywords okay so let's jump into the next slide because this one answers what this one is asking okay number it's just the questions number nine is the answers okay so let me just jump in or between these two sorry you're not confused okay so what we're going to do is we're going to go over to the KTM keyword planner okay and we're going to make on long tails as well okay now the long tails that we're going to make is going to be using the long tail since alpha I'm sort of strategy okay we're gonna shake these modifiers we're going to combine them and we made it by location or we might just do it with a sort of third element that just makes sense okay can just be that third part of the keyword phrase now it doesn't always have to be a location so we're going to do that as well but that's going to be in a separate ad campaign I'm not going to put it in the same ad campaign and that one we need to do tomorrow because it didn't get time to prepare the long tail and modifiers and stuff but what we can do today is we can jump into the on google adwords account and we can just do some basic search and grab about 800 keywords that we can use almost immediately okay after that we've got options that we can copy other people's advertising we can copy other people's keywords we can even see what adventus that they are using okay if you're using tools like and I espionage and spiteful okay spy if you don't know how you're supposed to say now okay don't even know how you're supposed to say this one either but anyway these are paid toast they're not the cheapest in the world if you want to get into that kind of level you can alternatively you can find someone a fiber that will do for you okay for five dollars which will be cheaper than spending seventy or eighty dollars in this okay so that's one way to get it done and that way you can keep costs low you can test some stuff and you can just make stuff happen that way and without stressing yourself too much okay so where we getting the traffic from that know the initial traffic if you remember um let's see it's my mind map I'm on another page for the mainland the initial traffic was going to be going into this landing page and they were going to get picked up by retargeting pixels which were for facebook retargeting which were for google adwords retargeting and also for site site scout retargeting okay this way we can maximize the traffic coming in that we can retarget them if they haven't opted in and the way that we do that is we need to need to put a conversion pixel what they call a conversion pixel on the landing page and that they would get that they would land on after they've opted in that way we're not going to be targeting those people anymore okay so we'll cover as much as the kind of that today as well so the first emitting an initial traffic is coming from being ads hopefully you've got some coupons we're going to try these two here one is cold 50 on red the other ones called leave impact that's right in there okay and we're going to do a sort of separate traffic from this boat traffic the one that we spoke about the other day okay road traffic was I think it was on 301 redirect traffic from people that have been as people died searching for websites of and they've got broken links or the websites or not there anymore to just redirect at traffic but it's actually kind of targeted well according to them is anyway but what we're going to do is we'll set up a separately pitch away from the main website it doesn't matter if your traffic bounces or not it doesn't affect us too much okay and we will just send over there and we will you know test that because it's not too expensive we'll cover that probably tomorrow or even chose to something without for this one ok that one's not too important bills were worth testing ok and I will include it in the webinar because it's just a fun thing to do I'm trying to get across it is fun to try and do the stuff it's fun to go attempts new stuff it doesn't need to be scary it should be fun it should be and you know you should be able to come into doing this kind of stuff every day and not with some sort of border motors left but not because you want to so have a brag and racial page one but because it's can actually kind of exciting to see the results at the end okay you have to think about results orientated and if you feel sometimes it's okay to it's absolutely okay because you tried you learn from it and you know you'll pick up something from it and you just weren't use what works okay simple simple okay so landing page what we need to think about as well as the quality score from going to be sending being at okay another way that we can improve the quality score with Bing ads is that we can use and some setting things on natural page yourself let's jump over and I'll get into the page where I've got this I don't have a page someone let me just see ok any questions right now or not ok I'm gonna carry on one of the things it's important for being is that that it doesn't it looks like content ok and what we can do then is we can put just a little bit of an article in here ok that little bit of an article will improve the quality score ok and what I did is I use the article builder which is you know it's a software you just a couple of weeks and you've got an article so unique article and basically that's all I did not bid on that what is missing from here and because of it a new theme on a couple of weeks ago as I need to put my fertile links back in we need the footer links we need the previously pages of policy pages nor like and stuff that needs to be added in there today before i can send any traffic otherwise if she got a quality score that is lower than a competitor then the competitors always going to get the traffic ok and you're going to be charged more so somebody else for example is has got higher quality score on your bidding same amount of money on a keyword then he will always get that traffic you will always be paying more for the traffic if you don't have some basic things and the best things are not that hard to anyway you just need to make sure that you follow some some steps so what we've done is to put a 300-word article in here I need to get my links in here before I can send any traffic okay and that's really maybe some tidy up here so I'm not calling it bonus I'll just change the headline a little bit of you may even remove this part up here and just make this look not so much like a sales a page but more like an article okay that's my goal that's what I need to get done today before I can change any of that so let me just start with some of that and remove it and I'll take off this highlight think it'll probably will help Islam let's do that later because it's different yeah I need to rewrite it look man later what i would do is i will put the link in here for for this particular page and you can see it grow as we go forward okay page 7 is a little Lincoln yeah you can watch it grow as we improve it okay and it should be good enough for Adwords it should be good enough of being it should be feeling for people as well needs to be appealing for people otherwise we're wasting your time okay it's the good value whatever we're done yet okay robbers are any questions right now or not sure I carry on okay so before we do anything what we need to do is we need to install a plug-in called tracking code manager okay I've got the pro version full version gives you a little bit more options on that page 7 you will see that you can get that log in now when you put this plug-in and what it does is allows you to put in different pixels from different sources ok so my facebook retargeting pixel can go in there my google adwords retargeting pixel can go and then the sites go one can go and no as well okay so for example it just jump all two sites go and for anybody here wasn't here the other day sites go is what the coal real-time bidding platform okay you can get your traffic cheaper you can buy traffic cheaper from there because they're bidding for add spaces you can get facebook right hand side ads for about twenty-five percent of the cost that you would buy in facebook okay and so it's my audiences yeah on this one they can't get tags for example you can see the actions and you can see this little will it cost five hundred dollars to have this one you don't need to do this it's just something i'm going to do see and watch what I'm doing now we're not holding anything back from you and that there's no surprises if you know something goes really really well if you don't have five hundred dollars don't worry you can build up to it later okay there's other platforms similar to this and up your link and inside the page seven wanna do with a bit more digging okay I've actually got some people doing some research on some bits for us um so I'm going to take this and what I'm going to do is I'm going to come over to where my plugins are if you just go and then you've done I think I gave you the direct link but if not then just put in tracking code manager ok will do you have an option if you want to operate or not so let's go find this plugin actually put the full version on the IM sub-site database one about it sounds all support isn't good any questions rubber well this website is slow really really slow Wow okay so you can see I've got google retargeting one again as I'm going to add a new tracking cord another and then you wind overcome as well nikon i'll put this one here call it cites cup and you've just chose to place it before they had little one is any different is the google one where you choose and before I'm before the body or after after body side which is for the google retargeting one they would you like to add this foot standard put choose which page just put it in the whole website actor in the whole websites conversion pixel that we really care about what included split it from specific pages yeah i need to come back to that once I've got my my landing page i need to come back to that okay the landing page after they have altered in then the banana splits that particular pages or so let's just save this for now well it's going to get the facebook one as well while we're here because that one is missing it's a facebook ads manager click on your custom audiences now if you don't know how to set up custom audience it's really simple come over again just going to audiences great audience up here you choose custom audience you choose website traffic okay anyone who visits your website changes to 90 days you can do 180 about 90 s better think up to you and answer them for your audience and we can put if study a edged me example create an audience okay now what happens is you need to put that pixel on your computer and let that audience grow but I've already got one here which I'm going to use and because that means i can get my i can maximize the adverts I've got because already got some traffic come in think about 3,200 not let's just done via two pixel in here then grab this I'm going too fast tell me just like me not rub it still here so you can also I think Lobos nod I don't know brother still here maybe he's got cut off sometimes it happens let's actually click Save mode I've never heard of that i'll check it out fun look so is similar to say Scout that's interesting because I like this candice a very very good Elaine yeah a sec 500 vs a deposit it's a deposit is just for you to use in your first adverts okay but if this other one I'll check into it for tomorrow click so if it looks good to know i'll look into that I've actually bought a call somebody teaching how to use the Site Scott its kind of basic course but it was informative and not that got me excited an octagon put 500 deposit now so okay I want to see what else is here kiss you almost see the first link up um I'm not sure where you're talking about in the slider slide you should be up auto updating for everybody but I think the problem is understanding yeah sounds like the last row but I think he's been it's been watching any nice comeback in sandy further training on the proper way to set up Bing ads landing pages of being loved well you're going to see me doing basically anywhere okay it's not just being that we're looking for it isn't just think if you have a look at I got for a guy called Chris grooves Chris groves on YouTube he's got some free training now go and check him out just go and check him out but you can see what I'm doing right now is costing me money for when i start the answer i'm going to be doing things as well as it possibly can but check out chris balls actually I've got let's just go and get find the gyne and I'll put that link and he's got some great content now it's not the most sophisticated PPC kinda guy around but is good enough that you can get up and going so now you can't compare themselves of ryan deiss of dark your high traffic academy courses but is good enough okay let me just go into his videos and he's got one in here in creepy see you just seeing somebody who's learn from him and over 10,000 a ping simply towards achieving there's one of a kind in pages I'll tell you what a day in Italy for this one yourself okay I'll just put a sensitive the Google slide and you can find it yourself he's got some great videos in there and it's worth watching okay so that should also up there and real-time if it's not then likely not right now where was that facebook it's again my facebook pics up just back in here so you just highlight you just check out your create your audience come into actions view the pixel control all copy and then we're going to find our landing page and we're going to come back alright yeah get to the landing page yeah somewhat my till then your tracking code on this on Facebook standard for website marble people to skip it in there the reason I do that is because anybody who comes into my website anyway they're just interested in SEO stuff okay so that makes no difference whatever i'm teaching is going to be learned SEO even in pair traffic i'll figure our way to do SEO into i'll always that kind of help it ok I've lost the sites that one anyway you can see how it should build up and just grab that quickly again thanks in here talking then I forgot so I'm just going to close that one for not back over here 1mon open up this one has already got sites down the other ones in I've it kind of weird innit I'll to open problems of my blog and asta standard or website say that ok so we got free in here I'll put a link in on how to get a google retargeting cord over that later after the webinar ok so we got our tracking done and that means that our pages and for the whole site is basically pixel did anybody who comes into that site I can retarget them ok we'll have a pixel pillar in the computer ok we can follow them around the internet ok come back over again no to choose a landing page we've got several options and we can go and create one you can create one really really simply really easily if you think used to build it ok so for example if I wanted to do something here that is really simple and I will split test this actually we've gotta I sort of very very good pitch that I just showed you that's got a lot of content that explains what the two was done I've got this page is a lot of options to put pages like this as well so let's just choose one it is a little build one answer that we condition split testing this one might be sent from you know different traffic light traffic bandsaw 50 on red for example but we're going to catch that we're going to find out what's actually working normally we can find out what's working best is to test stuff something different traffic to different pages and just see what works ok I really need to get someone to speed on my site ridiculous ok free to download before first of sep tember ok let's just change this up will do what it is enough oil for july so what I can do in here is I can put in here so my daughter's birthday to action let's just put this on 31st ok and we've got our countdown just appeared so I need to put in here july very first 24 hours former ok I might come back and we just this a little bit later but i'm just using as an example I not and I did something before let me take some text the liner along lot i love this telling sense the builder because is really quick through this kind of stuff it's really effortless kind of stuff as well same as leadpages as well Nick slew the colored to that Snicket layer and I would ok so the can what we can do is we just fit in here our bomb techs shot not so good on one way okay doesn't have to be perfect okay if you're targeting an SEO audience okay and they see something like this and they understand where is they will probably want to get it anywhere but at the very very least if you got them I'm clicking then you have you know you've gotten pixel okay so what we need to do is change is headline a little bar up here we've got free to downward it's not really been informative enough so there's something like this stop licking link just okay you an SEO guy that picture interest you think what is he talking about I need to not just the way we are they like this again look up okay that will work okay so what we can do with this is we can first of all save it it should ask us to save it with the name not know if i change the permalink in a second okay so go over here changeup and the link either going to call this one squeeze too yes study yeah i'm not thinking of a CEO here i'm not thinking about keywords and titles and stuff but in fact I've made these pages no index okay just in case it wasn't and there's an issue with some Google I'll just better i make it no index and it can change down here I did it up come here one stop there that except so we got to squeeze pages right now we're going to test both of them okay and I'll probably test both with different traffic and the third one what I'm going to do is I will use leadpages um I just click on save you get out of this page is not that and this is where i'm going to send a traffic from the redirect okay so all i need to do in here it's commensal early pages section here and i can find something to send i think i've actually got one in here for the link control if not i'll make one rip very very quickly and all we can do it all we need to do in here with the time place to test that kind of traffic and keep yourself safe from that is just going fine just go into something like opt-in things my internet that slow not so much oversight and we can just find a really simple landing page if you click on here with them if you got weed edges if you click on that it will tell you what's it what's the highest converting okay so you see this one this gate web page is kind of high converting that might be okay or we can use something like this which is really really simple to use I'll check and a few seconds nothing but just want to do something quickly with this just give you an idea okay first thing we want to do is get rid of that background it's awful we'll get really awful background so you can choose something else to choose that one black stuff I've done before I've used this one before okay now what i can do is i can just take my oh come on stop that it just jumped up again and so what i can do is i can just click on something like this okay i don't have a book I don't have a graphic for link control but we can take just an image that comes from leadpages anyway so we've got a black background better we do something probably the white color and you can take it right out if we want it okay let's give this page a name as one call this one then control redirect something like that okay so what I need to dinner in a grab come on every time I touch their jumps up make a color yeah little bit easier to it sometimes when you using these kind of applications it they're very very sort of them fatally two years they will get stuck and things like that this one doesn't seem to do that it seems to be really nice to work with okay I just want to make this very readable that anybody can read it stands up it's nothing difficult for people to understand what's being said see W hear hear someone in the background breathing yeah thnkx on here okay I'm not perfect but it's good enough okay legal information we can keep that all that we can keep you know when we're using the leadpages i dontoh feel aware of it with lee pitch is really really easy to integrate with Aweber and everything else if I the splint here Aweber air PR and the Pacific and fine it's a little control most wanted to refresh that just give that a second so everything is going to be set up by the end of this webinar that we've got a landing pages done and even if it's tomorrow before we send traffic that's fine I just need to UM tidy up the landing page with the links and stuff who was asking again about the Bing stuff I'll look into that as well as a good as good and firm that it's a good questions not on something humble I've given a massive amount of thought too because if you watch Chris's video on that he's basically just covering some of the basic stuff but I did anyway actually got the information between him and the high traffic academy guys being coupons coupons on señor go excess from Eric oh that's right i recommend but you were doing some promotion for video send out for that let's have a look at SEO quite so mobile waiting for this the anson see that comes up doesn't want to play the bingham that's if it looks going to sign in now somebody can find any links if you want to put it through any questions on our audit okay I can't really find the right now I going to spend too much time on that okay so where was I just invite over there's my leadpages yeah yeah okay so what we can do then I should have reloaded by now should have in here in control but isn't it click on customize the font and here for just click it will give me but they will say just to edit this really quickly it doesn't have to be anything sighs you can you can overdo this part because they've already clicked one time you just want to get the email you don't need to oversell yourself click on OK for that to get this part what we need them yeah I limits go into integrations so what does that one go into integrations oh I got one control yeah so dun dun ok everything is done so all i need to do them save this now if i click on where it says publish just so they will give me a leadpages URL and that one is going to be perfect for me to send out other traffic too because not going to affect me in any way okay if i sent it to my own site i might have high bounce rate which would affect the SE on everything else that I always kinda crappy with that image i'll i'll probably get a better image ok but it's good enough just to be able to get people's attention to do stuff and i'll probably going to change that background but i just want to show you how quickly how easily as to work with something like leadpages and may simolit a bit expensive but once i started to use this I've used I've met so many pages from it that has given me that money by multiple multiple times and there's someone on the facebook group yesterday they were talking about the speed blogging until you know soon oh I'm not stupid I understand it's going to cost me something like fifteen sixty dollars a year it's a fair point okay when because i was i was promoting as it's just a dollar trial but there's two ways to look at guys you can look at things as if they are a cost or you can look at things as if there were an investment that you can use to make more money okay if you're thinking about things as Acosta's because you're probably not making money i'm guessing okay and it's probably because you're not really taking action property as well okay so it takes more than just ranking on google it takes more than just buying back things you've got to do the marketing as well it's not just the SE all you've got to do the marketing as well okay you start thinking about marketing not just backlinks okay think about marketing not just page 1 think about monetizing not just bragging rights because you can put five you know five pieces on turn on page one that doesn't make your money will make some money it's a conversions okay that's what we need to be thinking about okay so if you had that kind of point then the best thing I can advise you to do is just take action do stuff like this just follow along and do stuff and it will come up from telling it will come off I've never had anything I've really put myself into never come on you may have to tweak you might have to change in might have to adjust but it will it will pay off and eventually you've just got to learn how you've got to learn the ins and the outs and then once you got that that it's just a matter of testing new stuff is that's not that hard which is the matter of taking action every single time okay so anyway I wanted to show your leadpages just to show you how easy this is up there this is a fantastic system this really is the best of the best okay it's better than clickfunnels in my opinion and which is very very good so as well i just find it very very fiddly if i'm in clickfunnels for example and i'm trying to change some text it gets stuck and I've got to reboot and I'll go to refresh a page and all that kind of stuff it's just the pending after work with this is really easy to work with its never given me a problem the only thing in here that gives me a problem is these awful designs i came up with afterwards and i need to go back in and check and change and stuff like that but you know on the whole this is a really really great system it will help you with your marketing because they've already got pages there are high converting pages as well okay think can get of about thirty seven dollars a month and it might sound like a lot of money but if you start using this kind of stuff you know Delia creating um squeeze pages and sandrine traffic and stuff like that that will seem like very very little money okay because you look you will be making money just simply because you're taking out action and to use chose that can tell you what is a high converting page is better than nothing okay I actually had this page I really hate that image that and just try something else try that back to i'll make an isolator right now let's come back over to our okay so no what we've got done we've got our landing pages done I need to click tracking pixels in here for for my read page but I'll do that a little bit later I'm ready to show you how you can do any other one and to do in leadpages is really really simple is nothing difficult there at all basically just come back and you should have page options here we can put in the tracking codes and you just put one save it but next 17 next one save it okay simpler like that it's very very easy very quickly don't need to watch me doing that again okay so the key words what we want to do next we want to get some keywords okay and we want to do this as simply as possible but we want to do in a way that is not going to cost this huge amounts of money and so we kind of do things a little bit backwards here and because we're going to do things that is completely against what everybody else will tell you and it's deliberately done right now okay well then you can see in here put in some search already about search engine optimization on-page SEO web sites i know structure okay anybody who's searching for this kind of keywords is going to be into SEO okay enough gods and then the keywords in here actions council well I've got 47 keywords that's nine up what I need to do and you let me tidy this up I'm going to make it shorter just take this into search engine optimization minus 50 I grips not 50 keywords so it was a bit strange you know go and ruin one key words okay so all these search engine optimization and keywords going to grab them all okay and we're going to put them into csv think i'll save them to Google Drive just easier for me to find later okay i'm going to close that actually will open the file and changing them what we're going to do with we're going to bed about five cents maximum analogies okay we just have to watch it and we have to get rid of the ones that is not um that people are not leaking on or we can be paying off etc etc and we'll get rid of them as quickly as possible what we might find is that there's some real good keywords around that we haven't even thought about okay that is already in here that would be quite well converting okay and there may be decent traffic and very variable cost and when you get keywords later and that's that's the ones we want to tie in with the SEO stuff i can mention before okay this one I'm going to one page SEO you can use these different keywords and in different ad groups as well okay we'll talk about grips and stuff as we actually go into the stuff we've got 800 keywords again in here it's going to download all of this will be some different keywords in here well do that one more time save to Google Drive okay because there's nothing difficult we're not making anything anything difficult we're just taking action okay because if I'm going to put going to pay just five cents keyword then a lot of these keywords won't be relevant but what them well and we just keep it building up traffic all the time okay we don't need to close the campaign we just keep it taking over we get rid of the keywords that are not doing anything for us okay and that way we just keep on driving traffic and it will just keep increasing one keyword planner and that's there one more stir website soil structure by the way you can do is you can do by people's names all SEO kinda cute lives in here go 267 but I'll take in any way because it targeted so let's just check that so I structure keywords okay so that's all done and we'll come back to that little bit late so I'll just pour some of this up there's different ways that we can get additional keywords as well if you want to get into the pit and kinda till as we can do that as well but for now I think we've done okay we've got some good stuff in here I know let me just check my account name here it's a long one sign out and back in again if you're using Bing I would advise you to if you once you put some money in what happened to me as I hit some money in the first time and there's no confirmation and then I put money and again and there was no confirmation I didn't put any more after that but then I've been back in about half an hour later and i found out i got to did two attempts to put money in like they had actually taken so i have put in a lot more money than what i expected will double them what i expected to do so just be careful with them love this year let's do it bingo okay Robert you hear ya if you hear go here can you check if there's any any questions right now before we go further well I'm just doing this kind of stuff all right place thank you okay so I've got to hakansson here I've got one is the US dollar when you create an account and Bing it will ask you initially what currency you want to use if you choose a different currency like I did for example type up I missed it the first time it doesn't let you come back and change it but therefore you have to go and create another account and within the same email to be able to do that okay so you need to be a little bit careful with them if i click on here with sales budget you see I've got 6,500 but which is about probably done two hundred fifty dollars i was going to put one hundred dollars and just a test ended up getting two hundred dollars okay so i can click on this one and we more or less can just build out from now so what i can do from that point is i can start building up some adverbs and stuff like this so i'm actually not going to do that today I'm going to that one tomorrow morning okay let me do the webinar tomorrow morning or tomorrow morning my time let's see we get any questions because recovered quite a lot today all lovers gone again okay here I'm looking for okay there's even a few thing up it's off if I say okay yeah the thing is is that timing on this is very very hard to see there's some questions up here it's up for example I seen before I'm not seeing the latest questions don't think someone asking me if you recommend instabuilder for leadpages well instability is going to be better for you if you haven't got a big budget it's a good good to instabuilder leadpages is if you didn't high-volume if you're doing some of those cpa guys they're doing a bit six to ten different campaigns daily okay they're just very confident with it they don't feel so scared to do it we've done a long time they know what works what doesn't work they then know how to scale up okay and these are the kind of guys that will be using leadpages okay and people like me who create products and need sales pages a lot and you know um presale pages and things like that again for me it's perfect for somebody just starting and to do is sort of squeeze pages leadpages landing pages whatever you want to call them you're probably going to be better with instabuilder okay it's a very very good easy tool to use there's another one from Sean as well sean donahoe I think it was called WP profit builder kind of similar to instabuilder i prefer instabuilder only because i had to the first version of instabuilder and the new it was easy to work with the new made the second version even better I'm so I was quite kind of happy to see the second version come up but Sean's is a very good tool as well from what i understand i did buy it but i didn't use it yet okay he look like good pony all right guys look what I'm going to do is we're going to stop there ok so today what we've done what have we done let's just recap on what we done cause this here it's Theory captain we can come back in tomorrow then we're going to start driving traffic from tomorrow it gives me an extra day as well that I can do the things with that landing page I can't even drive traffic until a fixed on landing page anyway so we decided where we're sending traffic to okay we've actually got two different three different squeeze pages okay so we can split test their the third one is not really a split test it's just an experiment the third one okay we decided what actions we want to happen we're going to bypass the ryan deiss methods and we're going to get people coca dishonesty click on the link and we'll hopefully we can get them and add it into an email list okay the thing I haven't done yet has put the conversion pixels and the reason I haven't is because I need to create a separate landing page I'm going to create a separate landing page and for each one of these squeeze pages that we created okay that way I can see exactly which one is doing what okay otherwise if all that the traffic all the options come from all three different now all three pages it's very difficult for me to know which one was actually working okay keywords is very very simple I'm going to take this a little bit further tomorrow as well before we send traffic we're going to the long tail and we will do that using Lisa's keyword a nation to with my strategy so that we can put the key words together i need to get gompa actually to make a tour de buzzer or gems it makes the tool to make it or what it does that so that when we put these modifiers and locations and stuff in there that we can spit them out into a txt file or something they shouldn't be that hard to get done because we've already done the bulk of the work so i'll try and get something like that done i don't think i can get it for tomorrow but we can definitely well maybe we can once i see if i can get it for tomorrow and i'll go into the free SEO tools of Anthony he's not nice I ok so where we send in traffic from so we're going to be starting off with being answered and what will do probably if we get time tomorrow we'll start sending from 50 on red and the impact as well my guess is were not gonna do that until about tuesday or wednesday okay we'll start with the Bing ads and we might even start with some google adwords as well if we can get some coupons okay landing page I'll look into more about the quality spot but you can check out the Chris groves videos he's got something now and it seems to work for him he's getting quality score of it attempt just by doing very very simple things there's only two three things you need to take care of you put that text at the bottom you make sure you've got some links at the bottom of your landing page and there's something else as well we'll check in that before the same traffic anyway okay and retargeting pictures live there okay I need to put them into the leadpages version for the other and traffic source and the conversion pixels I will get those done and ready everything ready so we can add them tomorrow you can see them being ad so what happens next after that okay so what we're going to do from tomorrow's we're going to start to send traffic okay what happens after that is we monitor the traffic that's coming in okay you might find that we need to up from five seven to ten cents for example that's fine I'm okay with that and we can just test the scene we might find us some keywords that are really really not working but what we might find as well as if we we can see the impressions of particular keywords and will teach us some things that we might be able to use an SEO for video marketing for example where we know that keyword is a little bit expensive to buy but there's a way that we can you know get that traffic if we're ranking on page 14 okay and so that we can learn a lot like this so hopefully we can do a combination of our SEO experience and with the in the new pair traffic experience combine them to make something I'm kind of unique and that we can all use and then we can put some strategies together some strategies that will help us always to keep the coast on always to be able to target keywords and we can come up with innovative ways that we can put them together as we always tend to do anyway okay so let's just see what happens and what what sort of develops from there do any other questions before we finish up today it looks like that's it Tony yeah okay so what kinda webinar is tomorrow I think it's a same time oh yeah how does I'll get the links for that one so we've got 12 Morris SEO Sunday tomorrow yeah so that's what we're going to do let me just give you the link copy registration link i'll put it into here and i'll put into the slides as well okay okay on page 7 i'll just for SEO sunday of color part free this study all right okay so then there you can find the links web and I just go in there register tomorrow okay so at the same time tomorrow and tomorrow we start driving traffic will piss on other bits and pieces together all right okay thanks guys thanks Robert see you tomorrow you were good night

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