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Living With a Sling: Tips for Sleeping and Sitting Comfortably | Martin Kelley, DPT of Penn Rehab

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– Another big problem patients
have postoperatively is sleeping with the sling
and sleeping comfortably. Now, you just had
shoulder surgery. You may not always be able to
get fully comfortable, but a pearl
to help you sleep better, is to use a pillow, and often, is to double that pillow
up underneath the arm. So, I'm going to have you
roll a little bit. Place that
underneath the arm and a little bit
underneath the body so that it's going to
stay in place. That can dramatically help
your ability to sleep. If this isn't comfortable,
then maybe put the single pillow instead of doubling it up. Just play with it or play with
different pillows to see what works for you. You've been wearing
this sling all day long. You've finally got
some time to sit, and you can,
at this point in time, use a pillow to help
take the stress not only off the shoulder, but also, maybe
even more importantly, off the other side
of your neck.

So, you're still in the sling, but you can place a pillow now underneath that arm and that will raise
the whole arm up and take some of that tension
off of the strap that's wrapped around
the other side of your neck. And that can really make you feel much more comfortable. So again, a little tip: Placing a doubled-up pillow
underneath the sling still does the job
of protecting the shoulder but takes the stress
off the other side. Hopefully, this discussion
regarding the sling use is going to be
beneficial to you, is going to make you
much more comfortable in the first six weeks
of using that sling, and really most importantly,
it's going to help you protect the surgical area
from any type of problem..

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