Plant Based Symposium: Dr. Alan Goldhamer (with German subtitles)

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the crime is medically if you are treat you as a medical doctor and you have diabetes or high blood pressure the doctor will likely tell you that but here's the great should pay and if you do what you're told exactly you'll promise you'll never get well now saying if you'll be sick the rest of your life and totally dependent on medications forever is that recurred I mean that isn't treating the conditions give you drugs be safe forever and then die even this is these are the consequence of the tree so our approach is a little bit well I trained as a chiropractor I mean I'd say through an osteopathic physician in Australia and a 32 or 33 years ago my wife got around when I opened this you know health center in California and since then we've been involved in seeing that organization grow we now have but a dozen conditions for medical doctors we have three chiropractors naturopathic physicians and psychologists and we also see about a thousand patients a year for fasting supervision or 58 that facility in senators California so a lot of the work we do is is medically supervised water'll and fasting we treat a lot of patients with high blood pressure and diabetes autoimmune disorders and some forms of cancer we also have our to mark up Foundation's the vitamin C 3 non-profit public education research organization and we have a team we put together including our director dr.

Myers who admission is public education research so we are particularly interested in the role of plant-based at Silvestri diet plays and getting people well and in the use of metrics across water over craftsmen and we have some affiliates with people at the back Institute we should find Hannah and others that are using this as a human psychics laboratory to really look at what happens the body during prolonged water-only fasting and what happens dividing people that have particular problems like IDs and high blood pressure on immune disease lymphoma etc and how it gets well is interesting this from conventional research now they like to come up with drugs with mimic fasting or fasting mimic threats I lecture that time but we do believe if we understand how it works we can do a better job of doing what we do all right dr.

Goldhamer thank you so much for joining the symposium it's a real honor to have you here can you share with us your journey that brought you to a plant-based diet and maybe you choose some time based diet as a treatment for your patients oh it because it works better you know I can stay about trying to get people well and get them to stay well it turns out an exclusively plan to diet free of sugar oil and salt is the most effective way of helping people not only regain their health but then to maintain it it doesn't do that much should get oiled fast unless we're willing to make the necessary ice or change the same results and because we do require our patients to maintain health for at least 50 years after treatment in order to get that 50 or follow up we really need them say doc your health the only guy in my cell so that effect effectively means getting my plan B excess free diet into appropriate exercise and also getting that's getting the breast and sleep and for those that are willing to do that type of dangerous and radical when I mentioned the outcomes are very very rewarding I was just saying I had my 30 year follow-up on one of my first patients just recently and this gentleman who is was 55 when I first time he's not 85 and he said doc it looks like it's working because all his friends are dead and he said that boy his children had passed away with cardiac arrest because they weren't following their health and diet and you could say he will continue to stick to the diet for another 20 years he said after that putting me in crumbs will see many let us follow the hike 10 14 years we made another false president 14 years would be 99 he said anything comes up before then it might be now so we'll see okay thank you being an expert in fasting could you share with us what is the difference between all those different kinds of fasting like intermittent fasting and there's to assessing water fasting what is the difference only one type of fasting fasting is the complete absence of all substances except pure water and an environment completely right so that's what we need when we say fasting kind of the textbook definition in fact now there's a lot of different alternative even programs they call it intermittent fasting it really should be holding a big feeding because what you're doing is you're modulating the eating kind of a percent do you mind there is a feeding window maybe you don't eat for a certain time in the morning like 10:00 a.m.

You don't eat after some time tonight base 6:00 p.m. increasing the fasting window between breakfast to become dinner and breakfast other modifications England fasting would be maybe one or two days a week you restrict your calories to say 600 calories by eating fruit and vegetables only now these intermittent fasting protocols can be very helpful to facilitate weight loss actually regardless of what I agree if you never see anyone know and you create a calorie restriction you're going to end up with red um but they're not that not fasting that we're talking about here which is prolonged water only fasting people go on do science people do all kinds of modify things as almost all of them are much more pleasant they're safe they're perfectly helpful they're just not fasting faculty itself from being a tense and miserable experience but the good is that people have really good results they forget extract they can make faster less miserable by preparing properly before fasting but that means eliminating the drugs like caffeine and alcohol cocaine it means getting off the animal products including meat beshallach and dairy products it needs avoiding oil salt and sugar and processed foods and even concentrated foods course we've entered in the couple days before they passed by preparing properly before crops and you can substantially reduce the intensity but discomfort associated with transitioning to water and fasting the other problem with water only fasting is the dozen part medical supervision it's important that patients have a physical exam and laboratory works you can establish spaced learning aids you can tell the difference between a positive healing crisis which comes with in fact being a problem so not all problems are healing Christ until nice to be able to television that means you're going to be working with something that has done some fashion supervision it's a very safe and simple process but there are issues you can come up particularly for people with any health issues with arak medications etc so the even though fasting can be very intense and sometimes uncomfortable the clinical results are really unparalleled and that's the reason we do it there is any way to do it easier or simpler we would certainly recommend that but unfortunately to get the big bang in the complex patients at the most effective where you go alright so now that we know the difference are you also using intermittent fasting or juice fasting as a treatment in your Center yes many people are not good candidates for watering proxy and so we will use juice sriracha which means essentially getting people on 600 hours a day of food or beverage juicers or we'll use we kind of use Internet in fact with everybody's we always know the season we go Friday we just recommend that for everybody so we don't serve too late at night we try to break – too early in the morning with weight snack nice oh you know that's kind of a routine cutting that we use for all people and I think it is helpful but for people that can't do while retracting then we will offer an alternative approach to get them hopefully well or at least to the point where they're eating time – professor program we make there are many medications that you can't just arbitrarily discontinue you have to wean them on maybe when is normally fast people on most medications and so for those we might offer an alternative or intermittent fasting type regime mm-hmm for people that are interested in the topic of fasting could you recommend any resources for them to reach yeah the two resources for fact no why is our put the pleasured crap the last third of our coastal plain trap naturally his unfortunate event health and happiness is really all about fasting and this also caused by a good colleague of mine I was in ancient heroes medical student I'd like to do a permit not just for me wrote a book called fasting for health and medical practice guide or reclining Z and that also has a lot of information and fancy if people go to our website at wrc.org and click on The Learning Channel all of our papers are published studies are freely available they can download those numerous articles on fascinating research that we're doing there's also a button it says tune or te which is all kinds of video clips and lectures and things being freely available these click on it and that will help them understand more details about FAFSA um also for any of your viewers that might be interested we offer a free phone consultation with me if they will go onto our website complete with a close of registration forms which get these are medical cos you are they can then call me and I'll be happy to review with them where they're at and whether or not diet and or fast you might be appropriate to help them achieve or maintain their goals and there's no cost for that initial phone consultations mate alright great that's a great opera thank you very much if we think about what only fasting is it true that people should only do what only fasting while being under medical supervision you definitely want that inspiration for water only fact you know in an in fact you might buy images can often be done in an outpatient basis by faculty would be done in a patient basis I don't take it literally like the cakes a fast one is people that don't understand in fact or have a fear attacks me because I could you really want to understand what you're doing we enjoy it so you don't have undue anxiety um there are certain conditions as I mentioned people on medications usually have to be stabilized often medications before fasting there are some exceptions think like hold on replacement or a thyroid replacement thirty might be an exception work all the doses often reduce the maybe I'll be changing certain conditions waist and conditions people a experts reserve efficiency sometimes you know may not be good candidates for while in fact people whose kidney disease is too severe to allow them to adapt to the fasted State may not be Kate and the people was noticed a few problems with category important set me up your Kitty's neater but there's few conditions per se it would be absolutely price communications bath alright once again thank you very much if we think about the biochemistry of the body what is actually happening when a person stops to eat well the first thing that happens is they fight it begin to really interesting conversion process in human beings our biggest burner of sugar happens to be our brain we have this ridiculously large bowl is a little negative our spinal column called the brain which is kind of convenient because it allows us cognitive capacity to allow this language and a lot of other adapted saying through how useful to survive but it burns a ridiculous amount of glucose it's just like this glucose burning hot and so if your animal it couldn't fast that it's convert your brain from burning glucose to burning ketones by-product or fat metabolism you wouldn't be able to test resent what humans couldn't do that they like chance we can't get don't be that you could only go about a week and then you would burn up your super communicative proteins start and die be so you'll never find kids wander away from the trials because they have to have a continuous source of food supply whereas humans that wandered away in the tropics that didn't have people in fast would make Path number DNA all the humans that survived had the ability of your fat because our brave learn so much because we just wouldn't last very long but a human an average so he kills my male can fast about seven days because it's beginning to change from burning sugar and bring back the end of the second week bathroom most calories are actually derived from fat metabolism not streamer comes unlike normal where the burned brains exclusively trigger during fasting it converts to where the majority of calories are coming back most specifically you know break down a fat in the front he's on Mars so this ability to spiralizer adaptations that allows us fast unlike many other animal gave us the flexibility at living far away from a continuous source of food production so that it wasn't like when spring came way everybody died you know we went to burning our fat source so this is a natural biological information which is why price trying to find out it's safe the body is designed to be able to fast safely and effectively what we've done is taking this natural biological tool and applying it in very abnormal circumstances which is in a situation where people have dietary access our Asian ancestors rarely we have Equus and nobody was obese now we live in a world design makes fat sick and miserable basically and give us what we want not what we need more one is dopamine that artificial stimulation of building our brain it comes from eating certain types of hyper concentrated foods and when we go through the schools are supplying the mechanisms we get fat that we develop the disease of dietary excess chakra MacDougal turn the disease of kings because it used to be only in wealthy elite Kings could get the heart disease and cancer diabetes and lymphoma etc and so now those conditions have become a bit Curtis and the answer is correcting the diet lifestyle the cons and they fascinated a way of very quickly undoing the consequence of dietary active that's why it's so effective in treating foods by high blood pressure and diabetes and autoimmune disease because these are all the conditions made worse by dietary excess okay can you tell us how can fasting prevent and even cure diabetes or high blood pressure sure well diabetes is essentially a condition of insulin resistance and the things so insulin is a hormone drive sugar from the bloodstream into the cells reviews it phone isn't working or it's not a nothing for the sugar builds up in the bloodstream and that's where diabetes mellitus is so even though it's not an inference efficiency in type 2 diabetics the most common causes diabetes is actually they have access anymore but it's not working converges resistance to the function of entry and the insulin resistance can be reversed with fasting it's caused by the diet that makes you fat and it's it can be reversed with a healthy diet exercise over time and very quickly with fasted so timing helps allow influenced us job blood sugar levels normalize and then if people are willing to go on a healthy diet exercise program maintenance insane so most of my diabetic recover it seeing this results by continued without the diet you can't cure diabetes because if you go back to eating a grease and slimy fatty deck a class diet eventually your plate you're contributing go back up it's just like obesity you can't cure or obesity if you go back to eating the dice or exit that caused event you'll get fat again you can manage it you can manage that me as you can manage obesity and you can manage high blood pressure the problem is medically if you are treating with a medical doctor and you have diabetes or high blood pressure it's arguable likely tell you but here's the drakes you take and if you do what you're told exactly you'll promise you you'll never get well they'll say well you'll be sick the rest of your life and totally depend on medications forever because that's the current I mean that isn't for treating exhibitions give you drugs be safe forever and then die even this is these are the consequence of the tree so our approach is a little different we're saying look we agreed you can't cure anything what you can't do is manage most efficient or we manage them is they getting raised it causes corrected I do the exercise getting sleep if you wanted to happen more quickly eat is faster mm-hmm alright thanks for making this clear could you share with us what is ketosis and what is your opinion on long-term ketosis like for example on a low carb still genic diet well I will recommend try and eat occasionally gaya long-term there may be some exceptions sometimes people have very difficult problems with epaulettes your dish issues that can be managed by making a kid stay producer prices paid for that essentially do that exp on a high-fat diet so um being a high-fat diet in the short run they have some benefits because of the adaptations that happened in ketosis but in the long run still not repeat ideal situation what would be better is a doctor plant-based diet the logic normal physiological function but that actually reverses the causes of the disease so that you're not inclined have to be manipulating drive so again clinically there may be exceptions but it would not be something I would recommend could be sustained indefinitely just because the way you do that is through eating when it's not in fact natural diet um you know fastening the short term fashion thing we do is associated with many profound benefits but a lot of resistance will turn out to be just not putting in the poisonous toxic rack that would be eating it made them safe to do it and some of it may be the specific physiological adaptations you can be fasting fasting questionably do so long because eventually you you will use up your reserves and then you'll enter a process called starvation and starvation really results in death so that's why we don't do starvation at your health better because it would really mess up our outcome D so we don't like that and so far in 32 years in 15000 people are integral water on baskets 15,000 people walk into fast and 15,000 people walk down and we're trying to keep it that way alright so now that we have spoke about fasting as a treatment do healthy people also benefit from going on a fasting cycle several questions in there right you think that for example I personally go like that but I do it every year and I find it extremely beneficial so even though not going this way almost all my life I still feel even if your diet is excellent be exercised vigorously sleep adequately there is a benefit especially in fasting most difficult and also psychological there's a reason why virtually every major religion has this tradition about that reduce the Jade's because it's the most Christian that everybody's got a tradition of fasting both for physical spiritual and emotional and mental health reason so I think that fashion is like rebooting the hard drive on a computer that had some corrupted data you don't exactly know what how it clears out over time but thing works a whole lot better at deep river and I think that's a fact yes we also have a lot of people to come instead of like you they don't trust most doctors and so they want to have a document not a complete maybe and it will be supportive amendment or health promotion ethics no comment for an exam they might do it fast it might just come eat but so this idea periodic fasting for health prevention promotion I believe will turn out to be highly beneficial we're not moral once this year's research it and then release the biomarkers and see what happens to people to decrease fast and you know sit down so that's that's one issue um your question that some other components suit though as well yeah as I said I think absolutely I think people get the most static announcing actually are healthy of people for a lot of people commitments as faculty is that they don't like the taste of good food because there's data to the dietary pleasure traps or healthy fruit and vegetables are tasteless slime they can't show me down they don't understand how anybody can eat that awful horrific stop like fruits and vegetables because it is for salty sugary processed highly treated garbage and so they're at um for those people in a fast very quickly they don't you about paste or a patient work good food starts to taste good and so even though they can't choke down these some sort of forecasting after fasting they find it's quite acceptable so that's a good use of fasting and in fact that's how I can tell a healthy person that they might need to fast against because they lose their desire for health and food now they just want a highly precious seconds to get back into the denture crazy trap I'm fasting also will normalize blood glucose levels very quickly so it helps normalize their sugar levels and diabetics you can get them off the medication and it also decreases igf-1 will goes back to one just a very much associated with aging there's two things we know that were right Jeff one one is fasting is exercise fasting also decrease blood pressure heart rate so people high blood pressure they come in you know 220 over 120 on five medications we can get them down to normal at 90 over 60 off medications you can do it with diet lifestyle change slowly but it can take me some runs where so we can often do these changes very quickly and if you reach the fasting you can normalize function and then with a good diet they can make it – me decreases influence well as the in helps normalize diabetes is in touch where it decreases inflammation and oxidation and all the objective markers of information we keep her to consider so for patient out of museums we're going a lot of pain and there are a lot of pain medications are growing pressure zone or methotrexate or that means we can use fastenings would gain uncomfortable quickly and eliminate toxic effect of these medications fasting also decreases the microbial load in the gut it changes the gut microbiota 70% of our immune system involves the digestive system which is where most of our 40 turrets come in and so fact me again really the hard drive and computer recalibrate that got Michael Bryan and Madness turn up to eight mutually useful tool although again this is research we're giving with the buck Institute which you have some more data on that later gear fasting increases some things to it increases record which is one of those society hormones and so after fast you think every single ravenous but they find it actually relatively easier officiated because there are hundred mechanisms would be reroute faculty increases insulin sensitivity so it's on today would do a job better fasting increases cellular stress from district and cellular stress out of patients this revolt allows what you see is that some work skipping animal studies where you show that these are pretty rats with cancer and you give them enough chemotherapy to kill all the cancer cells you also kill rat so it's kind of a problem but you take those same rats with the same kind of cancer and these faster rats before after treatment already right survive and it dramatically Annette is cancer-free survival and that's where some of us on super cub we can't interested because it seems like more faster could help you use their drugs more effectively it also took up a lot of biomarkers associated cancer turn off when you treat them or not just with the basket so that's another issue again that we're active where you like to eat fasting increases a cottagey which is the ability of these immune cells yes cancer cell and get rid of toxic debris and in fasting normalizes I got my body sign mentions it stimulated be so immunity it essentially reverses all the abnormalities associated with metabolic syndrome which is really what killing most of the people in industrialized societies or fastening it turns out helps undo with actually responsible for killing a lot of people dying prematurely essentially caused by too much food not enough exercise week and dr.

Goldhamer you relative book a pleasure trip could you tell us what is the pleasure trust and what does it mean in terms of food so the pleasure trap is just recognizing the fact that the artificial stimulation of dopamine in the brain don't mean is that your chemical associate with pleasure that if you artificially stimulate building the brains can get into trouble for example British drivers people like drugs like cocaine and alcohol because it stimulates only aggression issues yoga the problem is it's not official stimulation go pee and you can literally become addicted which made now you're not only using drugs or alcohol feel goodness yet kitties need to avoid feeling bad a hallmark of addiction or a brawl so it turns out that there are chemicals that can be added to smooth that also artificially seemingly don't need production in the brain and blue teenage Baxter's discovered that and they started putting these chemicals firstly put it in these animals or again worth you get rats ad libitum rat chow it makes your certain size if you click these chemicals in your group they'll gain 49% of divided readings or 60 days so they get fat and Sydney was birth birth gets a fractured hip line and so when you quit this chemical room a feed of humans they get fat that's exactly what we've been doing we've been adding these chemical by c6h12o6 into the feed of animals enemies the feed of humans and it may have of course we're talking about to break sugar and well so you know these are not actual fruit these are food byproducts that artists should concentrate but now humans in industrialized societies reading 150 pounds a year a sugar and we see a genetic increase in obesity particularly since in the 1980s about tiny interviews high-fructose corn syrup the heavily federally subsidized version of sure it's put in soda point now is some seven teenagers twenty five percent of the counties and some teenagers come from the sugar and soda proper well Justin sweet and this is artificial concentrating it'll result in obesity no because reactions resulting in high blood pressure music research council and essentially this pleasure track being tracked by pleasure being trapped with the artificial stimulation just don't meet from whether it be drugs or chemicals as where food is why people are fasting miserable this is the hidden for so to myself and Happy's and that's why we call to put the pleasure trap master we take enforcement rights out matters the dietary inflation trap is really the same confident just these push actors isolating food factors that's what we chef Caitie plant-based SOS free IFOS of course is the international symbol of danger and it also stands for sugar including refined carbohydrates oil and salt and so if you go on a planet that's less free diet you will start reversing the consequences diet records if you're male you can expect lose about three pounds a week if you're a female you'll expect to lose a tooth pounds a week women is about fifty percent less weight not be chitin or lettuce or not because they're less motivated but because they have estrogen effects or charm and now if you inject that estrogen on the men we progressed this we get fat you Jack window with our hormone testosterone then we're back but of course they carrying the cancer dies or probably not good says but it yes there are violations much more chosen to psychologically consequence if you're a woman you just know you have to work late so I sort of ground results oh yeah baby sir all right thank you so if we come to your concept of the SOS free diet which means no sugar no oil but what is it about the second desk assault a little bit different not exactly the same thing in terms of how impacts the our society mechanisms or technically it wouldn't be a dietary pleasure cracking same degree the oil and salt would be but it's all our oil insurgency assault is a natural substance critical to your survival in fact it's so rare in nature there's just a little bit and play vegetables inside it you're designed to pick it up taste is a very small quantity so it's one of the reasons you know all those vegetables are good one of the things you like about insects is sodium um they were designed to hold on salt because it is such a precious and necessary commodity through your survival and that works great all throughout the millennia except for me we figured out how to process all spread it over everything your brain says oh that's a good thing you could take any processed food and put enough salt on it your brain thing you know misinterpreted this as positive pain so it will lead you to eating she would not actually going to eat we're not artificially stimulated with this chemical and so in the consequence now we have a bit of a problem especially in the third populations are particularly good at holding salt you need a high-salt diet he holds all solvents very toxic if I have to hold fluid to neutralize protect occasion sermon the increased blood volume that come she'll increase would lead to high blood pressure swelling joint pain and just sparkly etc and so the consequences is that people would eat these highly processed foods may heighten all my blood pressure now the majority of people in industrialized countries develop high blood pressure it's time they reach retirement age it's a surprise to determine age so by now if you're not fat sick with high blood pressure but playing your music and five you're actually everyone the normal where average person will be overweight and have high blood pressure and in fact if you see thunder the difference isn't overweight a lot of times people assume well there must be a drug addict or they must be dying of AIDS and some kind of detective disease so you know that's what they associate weight loss when in fact it's like a hallmark warning sign in practice if you actually lose weight you worried too that cancer – they had AIDS or if they smoke Nene disorder since the majority of people are overweight if you're not back you're abnormal so the place you don't want to be normal you want to be healthy and to be healthy is not to be overweight not that I would pressure not yet dieting all right thank you if we think about a healthy person so this person really also avoid salt completely well I mostly plan site you get also you need naturally in the food you don't need any as obvious like you don't need any other oil including olive oil so we recommend an SOS free diet no added sugar no added salt and no added oil all the food is whole food so it's fruits vegetables grains legumes nuts and seeds no meat fish fowl a very price goes on sugar highly processed foods so you might make weight from the morning my husband full of oatmeal with some fresh fruit maybe some greens you have a huge salad and vegetable that once you did it along with enough complex carbohydrates you know peaches seen you might have boar beans rice grain like brown rice if you want to know if your salad is big enough if you don't have a scale the way way out like a half kilo of what you do is you make the salad and put it down I'm gonna wait for your colleagues to walk in the room and if thing that was shocking off they go oh my gosh you're not going to eat all that are you then you're probably okay if they don't me aftershock 9 you definitely got the wrong size Bowl we got to get a bigger bowl and so if you have a huge salad big bowl of seemed I suppose in some rice your beans a few nuts or seeds some fresh fruit um going to get the quantity and quality of mistreats you want to exertion would be right in control because you don't have all that decontaminated became flesh and I could get my factory which is the only source of b12 so if you learn about a thousand micrograms a day of methylcobalamin and you can use a liquid or from a vegan capsule but a thousand I crucify over me virtually every great news mm-hmm all right thank you could you tell us for people that are going on a long lasting fasting cycle for example two three four weeks do those people have to worry about any kind of nutrient deficiencies well yes you can monitor people in your crafting that's what everybody preference provisions to make sure that we don't see I did there's me very unusual to see by the deficiencies and people that were currently adequate when they start fasting after biting cycles very well my minerals opportunity potassium serving certainly we do monitor those once a week to make sure that they stay with normal is on a short fast like three weeks or something you're not likely to see problems unless there's diarrhea or vomiting or some abnormal watch or unless the person sufficient start with which is again why we always want to do an exam baseline data know where we're starting actually even if I see were accurately by how long is your pal alright could you clarify it for us there are two things that people fear about when thinking about doing a fasting cycle first of all will they lose a lot of muscle mass and will they stay hungry throughout the whole fasting cycle so if you're going to pass for three weeks three Monday one thing you need to know is it's going to take like ten days of recovery charcoal receiving cover that's for a lot of states are made people go to rapidly return to being a lot of the things you mobilize during fasts or actions process is eliminated during that initial refeeding so that's a really critical time it's we're about it going against were good nutritional habits are established very very important part of fasting is that halfway the fast recovery time sauce is done in super price setting as far as fastly if you rest lingers out you by the end of the same week almost all the calories are coming from fat if you're too active though then you will require more glucose which means more it'll create Genesis which means breaking down protein so we don't want to be too active in fact and that's why we enforce reps that is you know people move around leading up with chair yoga we I think they can do but they're not out there exercising driving around being vigorous because again the neighbors have more need to break down proteins form extra glucose with me that we're trying to avoid as a clean then so right and mills are monitored but generally recycled well fat is currently burned and protein is conserved once a state that car all right I see so if people think they need to broke out during a fasting cycle to protect them as a mess it's basically the complete opposite oh yeah I've been working out they're going to actually deplete their muscle not not reserve carry fasting is an easy one is just laying moving day get for pathologic bed rest okay you know again gentle movement things are designed and they don't provide the clerk expenditure so that the bodies detoxifying burn fat and conserving vital protein source and what about the hunger doesn't disappear throughout the fasting cycle for most people once they get in ketosis which usually happens within a couple days they really don't have any hunger they actually go to cooking classes they come down to the dining room it's really remarkable the biggest concern people have they're going to be ravenously hungry it's always never industry investing and in fact people with that are quitting smoking by the end of the second day oftentimes I know crates or cigarettes or even alcohol alright so what they're afraid of is usually not the problem what does come up though is there's a lot of decisions about you that are not putting the mouse before that see something crawled in there and died you can get skin rashes and low back pain and discharged on the side foul breath the surge sleep you know there's a lot of assistance that can be and they're usually tagged it so something might be able aim for a couple days and that goes when something else comes up for a couple days eventually all that goes away and then you get boring so we're very pressed and the other thing is people prepare practically like I know when I fast there's no you don't get because you're guarding our guests do not coming up talking on all right okay so and most of the staff at the Turner content of the Passover Europe fine fasting it's relatively real place so as you only using water throughout the wat only fasting you might be an expert in the topic of water what kind of what are you using throughout this fasting cycle well what we're looking for is h2o it's a very specific chemical now most h2o is contaminated doesn't any metal chlorine and all kinds of stuff these people their fasting are very sensitive they would not tolerate invisible water because they can pick up all obnoxious base flavors odors so you definitely would use purifying why now the most efficient way of purifying water is steam distillation fractional seeing this relation and that's what we do we as a fraction see this sort of still why we serve only fracking sneaks over now in addition we pretty go to the water and we post filtered water and the reason is there's a few things that come up at the same temperatures water so we want to capture those as well and so we pre cozily why we see the posts those are that's what research for our patients sometimes we will even carbonate that that is so what a really special bicarbonate or distilled water if people are a little nauseous nauseous or something a little bit of carbonated water is helpful and helping them get you a little nauseous a crackling but basically you just want water it's pure now that would be what rainwater was yeah we didn't have a polluted an environment now as far as these pure magic water systems that you can say a lot of money definite verify where many more perfectly reasonable filtration systems but there's no magic to sending the ionic swirls within your out light and water rivers you know there's a lot of Oh focus focus Ruby hot but really all you need is pure water see and in terms of utilization or to energize water is there any scientific paper that proves that it works yeah no actually it's enough for no evidence but I hope it's focused you know very expensive waters are healing our bodies our job get out of the way all right so am i right that throughout the destination process all of the minerals disappear especially those heavy metals that you try to avoid like mercury can land and all that other stuff and obviously as mercury letters are the eCos you're also getting rid of the residual calcium and may need another thing but remember you're not drinking water for the middle there's one middles and one Apple to the water you're going to be three I agree the course of the day so water is not a principal source of these noodles usually getting those human affections and and in fact we're not looking to add anything including no contaminants there might be carried across in hard water and you don't get out the nasty little sneak by definition and have to filter out all so that you know what is that distillation kitchen really you don't want it but some people they they would state that they are afraid if you thought the minerals that the osmotic pressure within the body will get out of balance it's just somehow true yes behavior capital the human body is not a passive little serrations in an active filtration system and so you're not sucking the minerals out of your body you're colored because the water has a lower body gradient that's not real that's an active membrane the filtered air and it keeps the SEC in – right it doesn't wet second – you're not there's nothing about distilled water that's been shown this sucks up out of the body it's already been absorb all right I see you so the criticism is not really scientifically backed up well I think I'd love to see any kind of scientific data supporting us with this kind of displays but when you actually track them down you find out my cell are really not tightened by that it sounds great but yeah so easy the reason people getting used still water can be a hungry water it's taste Middle's out of the pipe in your house and it's so they're assuming the same thing when you drink it in the body not really no pipes in the past you know membrane that binding has active transport so the only difference between you and a copper pipe um could we stick about something you mentioned in one of your books it's the difference between the leading causes of death and the actual causes of death what is the difference between those two terms yeah this is very important really cause death are clearly cancer heart disease okay there's no B but the actual causes of death the reason people get the heart disease cancer and Stroke is these serous use of alcohol and these of an animal race how to process to die so if we want to get rid of the leading causes of death we have to change the actual causes definitely does not stop smoking stop training give up the need fish without a great practice on sugar and adopt a health promoting diet free accessible strings means nothing seeds whole natural food and throw in some exercise and sleep and health resulting hopefully that's our healthful living diet sleep and appropriate exercise I mean that's what we need to change letting the cold through your heartbeat it's changing dielectrics you don't get a heart so you don't need all right I think this is something already answered but basically for the audience to get it clear one more time what is your opinion on moderation well you can have moderation a relationship anything is normal to the ordinance per sample you can drink and retain water and moderation because with sleep in moderation you can exercise in moderation you can eat natural foods in moderation but you very can't use the term moderation in relationship to something that has no normal relationships by example you can't you don't drink alcohol in moderation because the fact is that Co really that many you're more with your heads I don't think you can talk about um taking poison no moderate amounts of readings when it recreational drugs instead of in moderation now is moderation relevant I'm assuming less of a bad thing better than doing more I think sure just because something less bad doesn't maybe good it's never good or even that good because you small matter it's just less plane and so we should talk about moderation and relationships or positive things or normal to us they not pretend that we do laughter the fact they may now somehow that rice the level be pretty red wine okay people some little red wine is good for you field right now you ought to start cooking your heart set we're Sarah holding it and does it have a server part money I could sure it turns out there's a little bit it was terrible but still not completely destroyed it comes from the skin of grapes and sitting it way out of grapes there's a little bit of cracking you could just eat the grapes you want reserve all Egret you don't need a great way they can old it wine in the blood yeah it does it yeah much like aspirin so if you're on a greasy fat explaining that became frustrated in a high-risk or client stroke and you drink some wine or you have an aspirin you might slightly reduce the risk of a clotting stroke what they don't tell you is you don't risk reduce your risk of dying you just reduce your risk of dying from acquired so if you have an increased risk of a bleeding stroke or a hemorrhagic stroke there's no all cause mortality reduction alcohol is less you afraid I'm going night health really just because it has a slight amount of ordinance they have left alcohol during the particle is very near for that makes it it's nonsense I was going to never your prints amazing restricts for blood pressure it's that's I'm in charge for grant alcohol itself it's like liquid but that's why they get those really attractive beer village you and we're drinking all that alcohol where the plumbers crack the chicks need some rice you know and so we should eliminate out hoping that I'd also discontinued effect on psychologically it nasty and it's not as I surface King anyway thought of some kind of health promoting sessions but they say statistics don't lie but Liars you statistics and so what we're trying to do school people into thinking that just because it's somewhat less that or because it has some redeeming freeze something that's the justification for doing what you want now when we did what says is people love good news about their bad habits and I think this is an example of that all right dr.

Goldhamer after this amazing interview could you summarize for us what is your key message that you want to share with the audience well the mighty point that they message is this health this optimum stay in well-being it I think most people desire how does cause and health is the result helpful rhythm and healthful living need diet sleep and exercise so you want to get enough rest you can wait – my penis retailer for us engage in vigorous but appropriate exercise and need a plant-based at the rest for you diet and I think you can you do those things just be so healthy and happy you won't have to worry about all the other little details.

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