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PSA 1970s – U.S. Savings Bonds

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well I make one hundred twenty dollars a week and i save about a dollar twenty cents a month i made over a grand last year well I saved wouldn't make a good ship last year I made two hundred and fifty thousand big ones and if I do the same thing this year I might break even did I save any money last year I don't want to think about it what did I save you ask zip I mega by nine bucks an hour last year tonight babe I'm America staring you in the face is the way to actually save money US savings bonds when you buy them through the payroll savings plan you put your money away before you get a chance to spend it I made sixty seven hundred dollars last year I managed to save over 300 through payroll savings and you know it didn't hurt a bit the payroll savings plan when you don't see it you don't spend it

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