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Shaq Attacks Sleep Apnea

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that's more yeah I don't know bus no because I don't hear myself so oh here is the softest sometimes it wakes him up he's like baby was i snoring yeah you're a third it usually happens when he's on his back and then he will just he gets into that deep snore like that I mean is deep then he stops his chest would stop moving and everything like he just like he was not breathing so I not done like babe wake up and then he'd catch his breath I'm like dude you just stop breathing in your sleep and I saved him Em's a registered polysomnographic technician Hollywood polysomnographic means sleep study she'll be the one putting the electrodes sleep apnea actually is a pretty common condition which is most likely under diagnosed and under evaluated because many people don't realize that they have it every time I stop breathing she you know the next one is sleep apnea yeah keep happening I'm like what is sleep apnea well sleep apnea is a condition where a person is unable to get air into their lungs when they fall asleep every time the person stops breathing they wake up the stop or anything they wake up and that exposes the body to a myriad of really adverse stresses and that does have consequences irritability can't focus and maintain attention they are unable to sleep in the same bedroom with their bed partner or spouse there's about a sevenfold increase risk of motor vehicle accidents it's linked with the obesity epidemic to being linked with cardiovascular or heart disease high rates of stroke diabetes and even mortality so now now we're going to fix it don't want to go out like that so Shaq one of the things that I'll meet with the sleep doctor my main man dr.

C and I said he wanted me to be part of his sleep study we arranged for an overnight recording in which we could actually find out whether mr. O'Neal has sleep apnea so tonight electrodes in here isn't gonna study the brainwave hopefully my REM to my nine REM C I read that my rapid eye movements not a rapid eye movement so you know hopefully uh I don't have it but if I do have it you know I'm no I'm working with the best people to know get a cure you already go to sleep yes sir okay good luck with everything will be here monitoring so the evaluation of sleep apnea is test while they're asleep and every second of the study will be looked at then the physician will interpret and make a conclusion to cut to the chase you have moderate sleep apnea here obstructive sleep apnea is a chronic condition which is eminently treatable Clark so you said there's the mask the mouthpiece and surgery correct the treatment of choice as of today for sleep apnea is to go ahead with nasal CPAP the mask and is this forever treat now it's just a 6-week thing we generally regard this as lifelong treatment getting a mask to fit effectively is often a cardinal part of effective treatment another mask around another look if a person is able to use the CPAP device it works almost 100% of the time oh yeah this is the other screen here he's nice I like it we're gonna wear to the club yeah absolutely oh this is nice okay I'll do it since I've met with dr.

C and I've been getting at least seven eight nine hours of sleep a day feel good the weight is good a lot of energy the relationship is good at the house everything is working you.

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