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Sleep 2: Consequences of Sleep Deprivation

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all lost sleep accumulates a sleep debt the larger your sleep debt the more impaired you feel during the day however getting extra sleep is like depositing money into your savings account the more you save the better you feel and the more prepared you are for the future experts say that if you feel drowsy during the day even during boring activities like brushing your teeth or doing homework you haven't had enough sleep in fact if you fall asleep within five minutes of line down you are likely suffering from severe sleep deprivation or even a sleep disorder you can check out how sleepy you are by taking the National Sleep Foundation sleepiness test you can find it at the effects of privation are far-reaching and can have a serious impact on your quality of life some of the effects include cognitive impairment such as concentration and memory problems and also reduce creativity and problem-solving skills impaired judgment and motor skills this can increase your risk of getting into an accident reduced immunity which means you can get sick easily and more frequently low energy levels and loss of motivation moodiness and irritability which makes you less equipped to handle the challenges of the day inability to cope with stress increased risk of chronic disease such as type 2 diabetes heart disease and other heart problems and finally lack of sleep can lead to weight gain how does sleep lead to weight gain the hormone ghrelin is released when your body needs to be fed and the hormone leptin is released when you are full when sleep-deprived your body makes more ghrelin and less leptin resulting in an increased appetite overeating and weight gain this is concerning considering the growing rates of obesity in America and the little priority people place on sleep obesity puts you at a greater risk of chronic disease such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes among others therefore getting the right amount of sleep can help you prevent serious health issues in addition sleep deprivation reduces your motivation especially your motivation to exercise this is another reason why sleep deprivation leads to weight gain microsleeps are very short periods of sleep lasting between a fraction of a second and 30 seconds in an otherwise awake person microsleeps are another sign of serious sleep deprivation and in many cases people don't even realize that they're experiencing them if you're tired enough your brain can make any time nap time the more sleep-deprived you are the more likely you are to experience microsleeps during the day as mentioned before when you sleep you lose all perception to the world around you as you can imagine experiencing a micro sleep during an activity that requires focus such as driving could be very dangerous microsleeps could result in accidents considering all of the negative effects of sleep deprivation and a danger of micro-sleeps it's very important that you're aware of your alertness levels throughout the day and remove yourself from potentially dangerous situations when you feel sleepy one of the most dangerous activities to perform while sleepy is driving according to the National Highway Safety Administration there are an estimated 100,000 car crashes each year because of driver fatigue this results in 1550 deaths 71 thousand injuries and twelve point five billion dollars lost driving while sleepy or drowsy driving is just as dangerous as drinking and driving many studies using driving simulations show that the hand-eye coordination and focus of people who are sleep deprived are just as bad or even worse than people who are intoxicated therefore if you're tired get off the road and remove yourself from a potentially life-threatening situation it's important to understand that caffeine a stimulant found in coffee tea energy drinks and sodas cannot and does not overcome the effects of severe sleep deprivation if you cannot stop yawning or can't remember driving the last few miles you're too drowsy to drive safely

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