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Try not to like look in the mirror right now because this whole half of my faces is making me very sad I feel like From far away. It’s not that bad. Then you zoom in you’re like whoa hello everyone I’m here today to share with you guys a do’s and Don’ts type of video where I’ve split my face down the middle to share with you guys What to do when you want to prevent creasing and cakey foundation And what not to do or at least in my opinion what not to do what doesn’t work for me, and I know it doesn’t look like anything right now But here is the close up so you can see what my skin looks like when it is nice and smooth And then on the other side it is Already starting to crease and it was only gonna get worse by the end of the day It’s not going to wear well, and honestly guys It’s really not that bad And that is because of the skincare products that I have put in place you guys know if you watch my videos I love good skincare So I will be sharing some of those with you as well because that is part of the reason that my skin isn’t looking cakey Is the care that I take to making my skin look as good as possible without any foundation on it So if you have textured skin enlarged pores fine lines smile lines any of those things that bother you Hopefully you find this video to be helpful.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video Give it a big thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on new videos every Tuesday Thursday and Sunday and without further ado, let’s get into this so first as promised we’re gonna start with skin care because the smoother that your skin is prior to Foundation the better the foundation is going to sit on top of it. I have some drugstore some high-end I have masks as well as exfoliants and all that kind of good stuff So I will share that with you as well and Link it all down below for you guys if you are interested Indeed Laboratories is supporting today’s video, and I’m super grateful a lot of their skincare products have become staples in my skincare routine I’ve been testing them out for about two months now And I can honestly say they have made such a big difference in the quality of my skin So I’m going to talk about some of those products here today And you’ll notice that a lot of them are half done because I obsessively apply them every day And I wanted to give you guys a chance to test out the products for yourselves as well so I’m gonna be doing a giveaway so you can win your own custom skin care regimen created for you by the experts at indeed labs and they will put together a package of products that is best suited for your skin type and Your needs and concerns and things like that so I thought that would be really fun check out the info bar below to learn how to enter and yeah So let’s just dive into this so the first step in my skincare routine is using a toner I am using the pixie glow tonic.

This is just going to be a very very gentle exfoliant It’s gonna remove any of the dead skin cells and give you a much smoother surface to work off of now moving on to eye cream I am using the one from indeed labs as their eye Slick’s – this is a really good eye cream this has peptides Probiotics all these really good for you ingredients that are gonna help minimize the appearance of fine lines and dark circles puffiness And I honestly have seen such a huge difference in my under-eye area using this product like fine lines and everything in particular Awesome now moving on to serum.

I’m using one from Paula’s Choice. It is their resist Omega plus complex serum I like it because it’s nourishing without being too heavy on the skin And then for moisturizer if you guys watched an unboxing that I did back in December I talked about this product, and I really really love it is by indeed labs and it is their hydraluron moisture jelly, and I really like this one because it’s a jelly formula But it has hyaluronic acid in it so it’s going to immediately soak into your skin give you tons of moisture But it’s not gonna weigh down your skin either makeup goes on so smoothly on top of this product You can see like it has one of those like little pump things, and I’m already like up to here I use it so much.

I love this product It makes my dehydrated skin feel like it’s it’s plumper and fresher And it feels hydrated without being oily. I cannot say enough good things about this I love this product, and I use this skincare routine every single day I’ll use most of the same products at nighttime. The only difference is that I use the drunk elephant marula oil This is a facial oil, and I will use that at nighttime just for an extra dose of hydration I find that my skin overnight can use the extra moisture, and it’s totally fine But I don’t like that one with makeup as much and then for other things like Exfoliants and masks and things I will link those down below for you guys in case you are interested, but yeah That is my skincare routine, so usually after I do my skincare routine.

I’ll go and I’ll get dressed do my hair Just let the products soak into my skin a little bit before moving on to the next step And this is something that I would recommend if you deal with a lot of Creasing underneath the eyes this has made a huge difference for me and that is the addition of the Farsali rose gold elixir and basically all I do is I take a drop of it and I Will rub it between my fingers to warm up the product And then I will pat it underneath the eyes because it doesn’t soak into my skin entirely by the time I finished doing like my eye makeup my brows things like that It mixes in a little bit with my concealer and just makes it a little bit more malleable.

Not as Dehydrating now the next step is primer and a primer is something that you apply underneath your foundation And it’s going to help the makeup to adhere to your skin a little bit better It’s gonna give some longevity to the makeup and it has different benefits in it that can help To make your skin look as smooth as possible So primer choices are gonna kind of depend on what your skin is needing at that particular moment for me I use this one from Milani It has a little bit of luminosity to it, it smoothes out the skin as well and kind of smooths over any Enlarged pores and what I do is I mix it in with some skin care Ingredients to again kind of boost up my skin some more So I kind of go back and forth between these two from indeed labs One is a q10 booster, and the other one is the collagen booster the collagen booster is a very concentrated serum And it’s going to combine all these different ingredients that are gonna tighten tone and firm up the skin and just make it as strong As possible and the q10 one is going to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles it has elements in it that are going To help even out your skin tone.

It’s just also a really good anti-aging one I’ll mix them in with my primer or my Foundation on a like a no makeup makeup day if I just want something that’s going to kind of dilute it a little bit Or I’ll just use them by themselves at night time and it’s just there they’re awesome I mean you can clearly see that seeing as I’m half done both of them next up is a trick that I learned Recently and I have been loving it, it has made such a difference especially in my smile lines because those things They don’t seem to go away and that is setting your primer in specific areas where you tend to crease? Before you go on to foundation which I know is kind of counterintuitive applying a powder underneath a liquid foundation But trust me it works, so what I’ll do is.

I’ll take my little velour puffs. This one is from Sephora There’s also a larger one. You can get this one this Laura Mercier this also works. Although. It’s a little bit harder I just kind of use the side of it and what I will do is I will dip it into my Glossier Wowder. This is the one that I find works the best for me personally And I will just dip it Into the product and then pat it over my smile lines, the sides of my face or on my forehead you’re not putting a ton of Powder on at this point you’re just putting a little bit and just keep it locked there just create a nice smooth surface for the foundation to sit on top of next up we’re gonna go on to the part of the video that everyone’s gonna be super uncomfortable with and that is taking a beauty blender and Cutting it down the middle I did this as like a test for a hacks video that I did a while back And I just used an older beauty blender that I was going to pitch anyway, and I cut it in half Oh my gosh it makes all the difference and so I bought this one in the last month or so and I am cutting it down the middle for you guys to see how much I love this I bought this myself And I’m cutting it up.

It’s because this flat surface right here once you dampen this Beauty Blender It’s the perfect canvas for applying that foundation in a very thin layer Because that’s a key to making sure that your skin doesn’t look super crazy is you Want to work in thin layers those are going to dry the Fastest so it’s gonna look the best on your skin for a longer period of time And it’s also going to look the most seamless and natural on your skin, so what I’ll do is I’ll put a little bit of foundation on my hand and I’m using a very full coverage Foundation today because I wanted to show you guys how you can wear a full coverage foundation And still make it look not cakey so I’ll put some in my hand and this will warm up the product a bit make it a little bit more malleable And then I will dip my little half beauty blender thing here Into the product just a little bit at a time and sort of press the product into my skin and the key to this is Actually pressing it into your skin for a long period of time Like a minute and as you continue to press that product into your skin.

It’s just gonna lock it in there It’s gonna look very seamless and blend out smoothly with the rest of your skin And it just it makes it look not cakey I’m pretty sure I learned that trick on YouTube like a couple of years ago And it really does make a big difference And so on the cakey side we are gonna go in with a big thick layer of foundation We’re gonna dot it all over the skin And we’re just gonna aggressively Blend it in with a brush think of it kind of like paint if you take a blob of paint and you put it on A piece of paper it’s gonna take forever to dry anytime you touch it You’re gonna see your fingerprints on it and the same goes for a foundation like legitimately if you touch my face right now You could probably see a nice big outline of my hands now on to concealer We’re gonna use everyone’s favorite the Tarte shape tape and I’m gonna show you the right way to use it and the Creasy way to use it and it’s very easy to look crazy with shape tape all you have to do is just apply like two Lines of it like I see people do this all over Instagram all the time Like how do you not deal with creasing like I don’t understand So how I would recommend using it is apply a couple of dots because you can always layer more It’s harder to take it away And I’ll take those dots and apply them basically along that bone right there not too far up near the eye because that’s the area at least for me that tends to crease the fastest so if I Concentrate the product a little bit lower And then work my way up and sort of blend the excess product up a bit Then I’m using less product up there and it’s less likely to crease because the end of the day the less product you have on Your face the less likely you’re gonna crease It’s it’s that simple now on to powder and we’re gonna start with the crease-y and cakey side first And I’m just basically just taking a translucent powder a big fluffy brush and I’m dusting it over a thick layer of wet foundation and This is going to not only not set your makeup at all But it’s going to look very dusty very cakey and it’s going to mix and create this nice like cement paste on your skin lovely now onto the nice smooth side and the first thing I do is I take a damp Beauty Blender the one that I just used to blend out all of my Foundation just to make sure that there are no lines because as soon as you apply powder over a line You are setting that line in place and here today we are trying to avoid that and then there are two different ways to apply the Translucent powder one is using that same a damp Beauty Blender I’ll put it like just sticking it into a whole bunch of powder and just caking it on underneath the eyes and then the other method is using a velour puff and doing the exact same thing and this is just baking the makeup into your Skin so it’s not going to crease it’s not gonna move It’s going to add to the longevity and it’s not going to look powdery by the ends stay tuned and I’ll usually leave that on The skin for about five minutes and while that is sort of sitting and cooking on my skin I will take that same velour puff I will dip it into the powder, but a much smaller amount by this point, so I’ll dip it I’ll tap off any excess onto my hand and then it will press the powder into areas where I would tend to get oily so For example on the forehead on the chin And then any areas that I want to set so maybe along the cheekbones where I would apply any bronzer things like that We’re using a very small amount of powder we are pressing it into the skin which is again going to smooth out any of those fine lines and Just make the skin look the flawless so now it’s been about five minutes and we’re just going to dust away any of the excess powder that I have on my skin on the Non Creasy side and then the last tip I have is using a setting spray and a setting spray is a spray that you would normally spray all over your face And it’s going to help lock in all of the product And it’s going to stay there and add again to longevity but also prevent any sort of creasing or cakiness Now one of the things that a lot of times happens with cakiness is that it looks really powdery on top of your skin after You tried to set all this product on your face the powder is the one that ends up ruining at all So what I would recommend is finding a setting spray that you like for example for me I like the NYX dewy finish setting spray I think this is a great one, and I will spray it on to my damp Beauty Blender and then I will very very very gently tap the product over my skin and basically just Eliminating any of that powderyness that’s sitting on top of the skin You could also just spray it all over your face And then just use a Beauty Blender to kind of gently pat the product in or wave it with like a fan You’ve probably seen other youtubers Do this it really does make a difference and then there you have it you see the nice smooth the crease free cake free side Versus the side that is looking more cakey and it is definitely creasing especially in those smile lines like oh my goodness And that is not working for me and again this is only gonna get worse by the end of the day There’s going to be no longevity to this makeup at all where as this one It’s going to stay put and look this flawless all day long and that’s everything for this video Give it a thumbs up if you found it helpful And don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on new videos every Tuesday Thursday and Sunday I hope you guys enjoy the giveaway go and check out the info bar below for more details than just open world wide So I hope you guys enter and good luck to everyone who does and that is everything I hope you guys are having an amazing amazing week so far and we’ll see you guys all in my next video Love you girls mwah

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