The Best Career For ENFPs (and Major) – How To Choose

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Hello mr. or mrs. ENFP or perhaps concerned friend or family member of an ENFP what is the ideal career for you or if you’re just going into college what is the right major for an ENFP to take so I have some good news and I’ve some bad news the good news is there is a very high chance you’re gonna have more than one or maybe more than a dozen careers or so in your life because that is just the way of the ENFP the bad news is is it might take you a couple or a dozen careers or majors to get to that point where you find the perfect career for you or there may not even be a perfect one career but it might be about life phases and different times of your life and what the right role is for you at different points I’m going to cover all that in this video so let’s start off by looking at some of the needs an ENFP has some of the things that we need to have in order for our life to be satisfying and the first and probably most important for an ENFP is the need for variety now this can come in different forms that can come in things being different all the time but it can also come in like the need for being challenged the need for things to be different challenging like we feel a bit of excitement with our work right rather than just doing the same thing every day all the time there’s some people that are really good at separating their career and their life so they’ll have their job and they want to go to the same job every day do the same work and as long as it’s kind of stable and they can count on it they’re happy and in their personal time they might be rock climbers they might be racecar drivers they might do all kinds of fun stuff but their career they’re happy with it being really boring that doesn’t work so well for us enfps our career needs to give us some excitement and some variety so that’s the first thing you want to look at when you’re deciding what to do is there gonna be able to be variety in this career because what you don’t want to do and what a lot of unit P’s do is we get a variety by changing careers all the time or changing relationships or whatever else so rather than getting the variety by changing jobs all the time it doesn’t necessarily do good things for your resume is can you get that variety within one career if you can get it from one place then you can be very satisfied for 10 or 20 years and not have to go for this job to this job to this job because you’re getting all that need met in the one job and that will give you the variety and that’s a lot healthier way to do it than having to change jobs in order to get variety another need a lot of enfps have and all humans have on some level just to be clear it’s not just an ENFP thing but we have a need to get recognition or to feel special or unique we want to feel like hey I did a good job or get yeah just recognition feeling like we’re doing something we don’t like the thought of being a clog in the machine just another number so if you can work that into your career where you’re gonna be getting recognition maybe you’ve got awards for good performance or maybe it’s just a job with a cool title like you’re the ambassador or something like that it’s gonna make you feel special which is gonna be a just a good feeling it’s gonna keep you enjoying that career more and more now you don’t want to become some ego driven maniac where your entire life is based on getting this recognition right but knowing that hey I need a little recognition I need to feel special a bit it’s probably gonna help out when I started working for myself after a couple years and a business failure I ended up getting asked and joined this other startup as a co-founder and one of the things that I loved so much in it was getting recognition from the other people the CEO would say oh yeah and that was great like you know this work is really awesome or whatever it is and I realize like that feels nice I haven’t had that in a couple years because when you’re the boss you don’t always get that from other people on that note I’m not gonna talk about working for yourself an entrepreneurship too much in this video there is a link I’m gonna link up here one of these sides to another video I’ve done specifically on whether or not ENFP should work for themselves so if you’re interested in that which is often a great route for unities then check out that other video the next important part for an ENFP is interaction hey turns out we like people I know right crazy so if you like people interacting with people is probably going to be quite satisfying for me this was something I struggled with as a freelance right I generally really enjoyed that work but working on my own for most if not all the day really drained on me so as an ENFP we like to be around people and we like to interact with people not always we we don’t mind being independent we don’t mind you know spending time to recharge we have a little bit of that introverted sort of side but in general we should be working with people and we excel in a kind of people environment where we can use our people skills our empathy in that to do not only just to have that but also if that’s part of the job we’re gonna excel because we’re gonna use these skills it said that enfps have the strongest ability to go in and like read a room to get a sense of the energy in a room or like oh that person feels weird that person’s an asshole that kind of thing we have a really strong sense their sense of intuition so if you can use that in your work it’s gonna be really fulfilling for you you’re gonna do really good at it which you know generally when we do good at things we like them and it creates this great cycle of good feelings right so you want to look for a career where there’s gonna be variety there’s gonna be challenges you’re gonna have a chance to interact with people what don’t you want I’m guessing a lot of rules of bureaucracy I don’t know if you’re like me but I do not like rules and red tape and do this because I said so kind of stuff and so being in a really big company that’s gonna have a lot of rules that’s gonna have a lot of structure and I don’t mean rules like hey don’t murder your coworkers that’s usually a good one it’s always a good one I would say but I mean rules that are like unnecessary red tape and some manager a thousand miles away from you is setting a rule for how you should do your job that you know better than them of how that job should be done because you’re in the field let’s say right and so that’s gonna really bug you as well nf piece tend not to like to give orders or to get orders it’s a weird thing where you have some people who never want to have a boss and they want to be the boss they like telling me what to do you have people who like getting orders and like how always having a boss we sort of fall in this gray area where we can be really good leaders we can inspire people we can kind of come up with plans but we don’t like to tell people specifically what to do that the concept of control to someone else we don’t like and being controlled we definitely do not like and so thinking about that in terms of how you set things up so that doesn’t mean you can’t be a manager or a boss but it means that your management style is probably gonna be more like inspirational where and coming up with systems and empowering your employees to kind of do their own thing within your framework rather than saying all right you do this you do that and like giving orders which the good news is that waive management giving orders and micromanaging is really not the best way and that’s been shown more and more over the last few decades so the approach of just kind of giving people freedom autonomy and then some guidance tends to be a better way to manage anyhow and that’s more the ENFP is natural style now you might have noticed that at this point I haven’t talked about specific skill sets in terms of hard skills like get into engineering become a scientist become a mathematician the reason for that is there’s gonna be a great variety of interest and what you enjoy so I’ve spoken to enfps who are great engineers because they have a mathematical mind and they’re actually really good at that kind of logic similarly oh were you were you asking about my shirt this one oh well this wonderful shirt was actually designed by an ENFP fashion designer my wonderful girlfriend Gabby Milford I’m gonna link to that Gabby Milford comm if you’d like to support a fellow ENFP fashion designer which also illustrates my point is that if you happen to love drawing or art or design then you could also be an ENFP designer you could get involved with film you could do all kinds of things so your passions are not dictated by your personality type right your passions are gonna be more just I don’t know where they come from to be honest I’m not even gonna try to guess but you’re gonna have your passions you might love cars you might love fashion jewelry travel whatever that is that’s your passion and what you want to do is you want to find a career that can have the passion involved but also mix in more this working style I talked about so lots of challenges lots of variety not a lot of stupid rules and if you can combine these two things you’re gonna find a really good environment for you the last thing I’m gonna engine is in terms of working style you nephews tend to be more project based rather than consistent type working in another video where I talk about how to design your life around your personality type I go into this in more detail but essentially some of us are more project-based where we’re good at like really challenging one-off projects do it sprint work super hard then kind of take a break and other people are good at consistent work like doing the same thing every day every week and knowing that and how you’re wired is really important and how you either kind of choose your career but also within your career or within your business if you’re working for yourself how you actually set up your work and plan your work and all that kind of stuff it makes a big difference so check out that other video too and you’ll get a lot more tips on designing your life around well your personality type if you came here looking for a list of 50 professions you can do as an ENFP I’m sorry to disappoint but I think what I’ve shared here is a lot more valuable in terms of how to actually pick the right thing for you the truth is an ENFP is capable of doing a lot of jobs just about anything we’re a bit of a jack-of-all-trades we learn things quite quickly we tend to be relatively smart we like to learn you can do a lot so if you have a passion like you love science you love biology then you could do that if you love fashion like vanam by gabbu milford support my girlfriend by the shirt if that is you then you can do that you could do whatever it is that you’re sort of passionate and good about what I want to give you here is then the the conditions to make that work well right so you could end up at a company where let’s say you love animation you could end up working for a great animation studio where the work they do is exactly what you want to do but it turns out the work environment is very bureaucratic you don’t have a lot of interaction with other people it’s not very challenging and then it ends up being a really unsatisfying career even though you’re working in your passion the way that the company is set up that you’re working at won’t meet your needs so think of your what you’re passionate about or more importantly I think what you’re good at and then find a company that has these kinds of working conditions and that combination is going to be really good for you and you’re going to excel if you are interested in working for yourself check out my other video there’ll be a link at the end screen here for should enfps work for themselves and the other video I mentioned on designing your life around your personality type otherwise do subscribe to the channel I publish new videos every Monday Wednesday and Friday and I’d love to catch you and one of them soon and see you soon

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