Brian Tracy

The ONE Habit That Will Make You RICH | Brian Tracy on Warren Buffett

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you know who the third richest man in the world is it's a man named Warren Buffett Warren Buffett worked delivering newspapers when he was 14 and 15 years old he would get up at 5 o'clock in the morning and when it was dark and everyone was sleeping he would deliver newspapers and he did this for more than two years he delivered two hundred thousand newspapers over that time and he earned one cent one coke back if you like today one ruble per newspaper and he saved the money and he grew two thousand dollars and that two thousand dollars was his first investment and he made that investment after careful study and the investment grew and so he invested more money and that investment grew last year his total investments are worth three hundred and fifty billion dollars third or fourth largest single company in the United States one of the biggest companies in the world Warren Buffett has the same schedule almost every day and what he does is he comes to work and he spends 80% of his time studying and reading in the subjects relative to his business only 20% is in meetings or phone calls or anything else he spends 80% of his time learning new things so he can make better decisions and get better results so a question I sometimes ask adults how many hours a week do you spend studying new subjects to help increase your productivity and your value so they found that these these experts these these these highly paid people looked upon earning ability like a ladder and a ladder has steps and each step is a skill and when you learn a new skill you increase your earning ability also you increase your ability to use your other skills and each time you learn a new skill you're in your earning ability goes up and when you learn a new skill your earning ability goes up and each new skill you learn causes you to become more and more valuable and people will pay you more and more money for the results that you can get for them now if at any given time you decide to stop climbing the ladder of success you will level off like most people do 80 percent but then you'll begin to decline because the whatever skills you have are becoming obsolete at a rapid rate and they're becoming obsolete faster today than ever before so if you are not constantly moving up the ladder you're actually moving down the ladder and people don't understand why their income is not going up it's because they are not becoming more productive they are not learning new skills they're not working on themselves to become more successful so increasing your earning ability is the strategy used by the highest paid people in the world today every week they spend 10 hours or more studying new skill the one skill that can help them the most may keep climbing that ladder and it just becomes a habit a part of their life is learning just like a part of your life maybe watching television or playing sports or something else a part of their life is learning all the time so there's 168 hours in a week everywhere now what we're saying is that if you want to go to the top of your field and be one of the highest-paid and most successful people in life take ten of those hours and invest them in yourself that's all [Music]

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