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How to Become Famous in Bitlife

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Welcome to the vibiest channel on the internet alot of you guys have been asking me how i got dripjohnson one septillion dollars i’ve made thistutorial many times before probably like threeor four times to be completely honest but youguys still asking i’m just gonna have this videoright here it’s gonna be on the front page of mychannel everyone’s gonna be able to see it righthere we have drip johnson he has one septilliondollars right now okay this is completely legitthis does not require like jailbreak or rootsor like some weird hacking mod or anything nothis is completely legit in this game by the wayyou can tell that it’s septillion because you canjust take the number of commas in the number andthen just subtract one and that’s what you get soif there’s eight commas right there then you justgo down one it’s actually septillion so if therewas nine commas it would be octillion ten commasnon-alien okay and then it just goes on foreverbut i just wanted to stop at septillion becausethat’s pretty satisfying to look at right there ididn’t want to glitching into drip johnson’s namebecause that’s such a beautiful name but anywaysfinally let’s get on to the tutorial so obviouslywe’re not going to start with septillion dollar solet’s just start a brand new life somewhere elseand that somewhere else is going to be monaco allright so this is for android now the last time imade this tutorial android wasn’t able to do thisbecause they did not have royalty but now theydo so everyone in the entire world should be ableto do this and the next thing that you want to doif you have g mode is set it to count or countesspreferably count and if you don’t have gmo justwatch this video in the top right corner to seehow you can become royalty without g-mode by theway it’s preferred that you start your life as amale because you can actually continue to havechildren when you’re like 70 80 90 years oldwhen you’re female you can only have kids upto like 40 years old so it’s a lot easier tocontinue your generations when you’re male ratherthan female because sometimes when you’re femaleyou forget to have kids and then you’re like 50years old and then you got to start all over andthat’s just a hassle so make sure you start yourlife as a male already so with royalty in monacoyou start out 54 million dollars something likethat and then each time you age you get about like10 million 15 million now this is usually enoughmoney for most people you know what i’m saying butwe want to get ultra rich like billions trillionsquadrillion stuff like that so to do that you justwant to age as much as possible and just wait foryour parents to die look all right so my motheris the first one to die 46 years old she wassmoking at a gas station and whoa explosionsheesh okay but she died it doesn’t really doanything because the father still has all the thebig money okay the big money from being the princeso when he dies that’s when most of the money isgoing to come or whichever one dies second youcan speed up this process a little bit by justhit manning them but you have to age a little bitfor that so i’m just going to keep on going up allright so i just aged up to 18 years old and now wecan just go hit man him real quick i usually don’tdo this but just to show you guys it works let’sgo 47k pulled off the hit there we go attend thefuneral act like we’re sorry even though we’re notthree billion dollars there we go so at this pointyou actually have a couple of choices the firstchoice is to just go find love right now and havea child or you can age up to like 70 to 75 yearsold so you just get as many years as possiblebecause there’s an achievement here called stronggenes long lineage and living legacy where youhave to get as many years as possible so it’sbetter to just age as much as possible for eachcharacter doing it that way goes much faster whenyou’re going for that achievement but if you don’tcare about those achievements all you want to dois just go over here to love find love right awaylet’s go dating app make sure you go to dating appand not just regular dating because it’s easierthis way trust me pick any age you want doesn’treally matter i’m just going to go 30 to 39 hereit does not matter and what you do not want isthem to have children okay so this one has a kidnamed chloe so we’re gonna click no try again thisone has even more kids definitely not keep goingjust keep on resetting it until you get one withno kids right here julia walter doesn’t have kidslet’s just go on a date and then first thing youwant to do obviously is check if they’re on birthcontrol and then if they’re not good and then ifthey are on birth control just break up with themgo find someone new or you could askthem to stop taking birth control buti mean that rarely works but if it does good joband the next thing obviously if you have g-mode ifyou don’t have g-mode then you’re just gonna haveto get lucky with this make sure their fertilityis 100 and craziness down to zero okay because ifthey’re extremely crazy they’re probably gonna endup killing the baby all the other stats don’treally matter but at this point you can just gotry to have a kid alrighty and once they’repregnant make sure you get married first becausethe citizens do not like it so whenever you havea kid out of wedlock so just make sure you getmarried before you have a kid so she just acceptsevery single time they always accept don’t worryabout that part i mean who wouldn’t acceptwhen you have billions of dollars so let’sgo get married lopez palace doesn’t matter theguests okay here we go and since she is alreadypregnant let’s just go age one year and makesure that this is a boy okay if it’s not a boyjust back out the app and then come right backin okay and then age and good it’s a boy againif you have a girl just do that process over andover again until a boy comes up alright so we haveismail right here next thing you want to do ofcourse is just go edit him attributes max out allhis stats if you have g mode of course and thenat this point you could just keep on aging untilthis kid turns 18 or you could just switch rightnow basically just age until whatever age that youwant to start this life with okay like six yearsold that’s when you start instruments eight yearsold is like with the voice and then 11 years oldis sports but i’m gonna switch right now and thenwhen we switch you’re gonna see that we onlyget half of the inheritance okay that’s becausethe mother kept half of it because they’re stillmarried so at this point you just want to age up awhole bunch or you could have aged before this andthen switch to them when the kid turned 18 yearsold i hope you guys are following me still onceyou start doing this you get the hang of it andthen you can just do it for multiple generationsand then boom septillion dollars all right so onceyou’re able to hit man people just go over here tohitman make sure that your father dies first okaythis does not work at all if your mother diesfirst okay so if she does like cancer or somethinglike that you just gotta i don’t know try again sojust make sure the father dies first let’s go 27kpulled off the hit perfect always pay the extramoney because hey 27k is like pocket change andthen just age one year because you actually can’thit man two people in the same year already nowwe want to hitman the mother so that we get thatinheritance from her also if they run off with themoney just back out of the app and then come rightback in and then keep backing out and coming backin until it does work i don’t know if you guysnoticed but earlier we did get 1.7 billion whichis half of the inheritance money from our parentsbecause that’s all the money that the father hadbut the mother should have the same exact amountsokay so when you attend the funeral though it’sactually significantly more this time because forsome reason whenever you transfer down the moneyfrom your father it actually doesn’t registerin bitlife right now so the mother actuallykeeps 100 of the money okay this is why you haveto make sure that the mother lives after thefather died because with this we’re inheriting 4billion rather than just half the inheritance okayso basically you’re just multiplying whatever yournet worth is the first life by 1.5 times so now wehave 6 billion even though technically we shouldonly have around 4 billion this will probablyeventually get patched but even if it doesthis method would still work because it’sstill a ridiculous amount of money if it getspatched it would just be a lot harder to get liketo the septillions you know it still takes a longtime regardless but anyways you can just repeatthis process for hundreds of generations thousandseven you guys can see here that i only have likesix billion right now that’s nothing compared todrip johnson but you guys can see here we onlyhave two generations here over 38 years but let’sswitch on over to jip johnson and then let’s goto his family legacy you guys can see that i didthis over 83 generations and 5 33 years that’s whyi did this whenever i was going for thisliving legacy achievement so yeah just repeatthis process over and over again for thousands ofyears if you want to get this amount of money butthis is kind of pointless unless you’re going forthose achievements so several billion is usuallygood enough that’s what i was rolling with beforei went for those achievements because the mostexpensive thing that you can get in this gameis like a submarine or something let’s go overhere yeah two billion dollars i’m actually kind oflucky that it showed up on the first try but let’sbuy this real quick okay oh yeah we don’t havea boating license okay well you know what that’snot part of this video by the way drip johnson isnot living in monaco anymore because his parentsactually immigrated to the usa and gave birth tohim in buffalo the united states midlife stillneeds to add the future where you can you knowtravel to different cities but i don’t know that’sgonna be it for today remember it could be anyonei love you guys so much peace out wrote a 15k so

First you need to get a job as a voiceover actor. Next try to get promoted as an actor and by adjusting your hours because that will make your performance go up. If you end up getting High Blood Pressure you need to get your hours back to the expected and your performance will stay up. You need to keep applying for jobs in the acting industry so then you are 1 step closer to fame Once you are famous you need to manage your fame and you will end up more rich and soon will be 100% famous Thankyou for watching Bye :).

No Ugh. Look. If you can’t sing in tune by this age, there’s no hope. Just use auto-tune. The industry doesn’t care.

No one cares in today’s day and age, and uh… (whispers) Two seconds. And, um.

.. We’ll have a meeting next week. I just got another call, hold up two seconds. We’ll just buy out 20% of their shares.

Cool. Bye. Oh my god. So sorry. Hi.

Nice to meet you. My name is E, and I’m the president of Pony Music Agencies. Hi, yeah. Thank you so much for the opportunity. No, no, no.

You’re welcome. Please, take a seat. – Take a seat. – Okay. All right, so.

Let’s see your profile. Hmm. I heard your Tchaikovsky violin concerto audition last week. Heard a good, uh..

. 20 seconds of it. Very, very beautiful. I think you have what it takes to become the next great violinist. Thank you!

That means a lot to me. You have everything. You have technique, you have style, you have charm.

It is now up to us to do what we do best at Pony Agencies. To turn you from.

.. A…

How old are you? I’m 17. From a young 17-year-old violinist into a TRUE artist. Yeah, that sounds awesome. We need a backstory.

So tell, tell me a little bit about your past. Uh… I mean, I had a pretty normal childhood?

That’s what you all say, but…

I don’t know, did you Something that happened in school, maybe some – I mean..

. Well, I do remember one day at school, I was playing soccer, and… I scored!

And the kid just kicked me. And how did that feel? It really hurt. All right, that’s very good. So.

.. “Ever since then, his entire schooling life has become a living nightmare.” – Okay..

. – “But violin was his saving light!” Perfect! Good story, good story. We can sell this.

Um, it wasn’t really like that. At all. Psh, it’s fine. So. Can you dance?

No, I have never danced in my life. Maybe I’ll just book in – 30 hours of dance sessions with you. – Wait wait wait. What’s this for? Oh, don’t worry.

It’s just, just… You gotta learn to do some leg spins and twirls while you play violin. Ah, I don’t know, I mean.

.. It’s always a bonus if you can strip onstage as well. – Uh..

. – Wait! I just got another idea. What if we..

. Package you… as.

.. The fastest violinist in the world? Can you play Flight of the Bumblebee? Or you can play it at like, 325 beats per minute.

Or, even better: What if we say you play 15 notes a second? *snaps* I thought I was here to make a career as a classical violinist. You know…

Playing Brahms violin concertos, and stuff? Brahms. Are you kidding me? Uh, I mean..

. That’s why I practiced for 17 years of my life. You think the mainstream audience has the attention span to listen to BRAHMS?? Look, look look look.

People are here for you. And you need to sell a story to them. Okay? I don’t care what the story is. You could be the fastest violinist in the world, you could be a dancing violinist.

Or you could just be the kid that was bullied in school, and violin saved you from your dark pit of depression.

Uh… I don’t really suffer from mental illness, and.

.. That’s a bit weird, don’t you think…

? This is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I’m offering you. Do you know how many musicians out there want this position? I mean, doesn’t it feel like ..

. I’m selling out, and – Selling out! Ohh…

You mean your concert. Right? The only thing that’s selling out is gonna be your concert. Next year. When you do all the things I tell you.

Come on, come on. Look, I don’t know if I feel comfortable about this. Um…

I just feel like it’s a bit of selling out my artistic integrity. Did you just… say no to my proposition?

– Yeah. – I am… the head of Pony Agencies!

The only thing that is going against my artistic integrity… – Look, I’m sorry to – – ..

.is not making money! So if you can’t handle the big boy world, – Whoa. No look, it’s like – – ..

.why don’t you get out, before I get a cardiac arrest? I feel so triggered, I need an almond latt! Extra hot.

*door clicks shut* Who’s next?

Hey, my name’s Henry..

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