Beating Minecraft In One Chunk!

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me fundy and nolan are gonna beat minecraft but the entire world is only one jump this entire world is just this long path down and that’s it begin guys we have to be careful okay we have limited supplies hey carl hey carl what are you doing i’m sorry sorry i wanted to do it i wanted to do at least once you’re an animal wait don’t destroy that whole tree because some of its leaves are hanging over oh man you’re like smart i know i’m a genius pretty soon we’re gonna have to go mining look our first iron guys whoa and guess what what this is a pretty impossible challenge so i have it auto smelting wow it is gonna automatically smelt so if i see one person make a furnace you’re ruined we got 12 irons so far a good amount of little cobble going on oh you already made a crafting table you didn’t waste it on a cruise no no i didn’t i didn’t make a crafting table what is in your hands then um you know i could see what uh dirt don’t worry guys i’m in across oh [Laughter] oh my god i have an entire tree in my hand give it to me i can make tools stop i don’t trust you you threw logs out last time carl carl look at me you know me i will make tools thanks no no no no no no no no why do you have four crafting tables because we got to craft things why is there a house are you kidding me what is this i just said we need to be careful with every block we have look i removed the water and now we got a hut wait is there still water under it oh thank god pranked yeah i just thought of something there’s water right there do you think we can land in it oh i’m not risking that okay you’re insane guys there’s nothing here there is nothing here okay i made a bunch of ladders and on second thought i don’t think that was smart oh that looks way riskier it does seem way riskier but actually i can mine straight down here and not worry about did you just fall no i’m good i found diamonds did you actually yeah i don’t have a pickaxe to break it also i found silverfish i’m coming fundy oh my god my god my god oh my god oh my god there’s so many where are you go go to the outside you see the dirt i put a bunch of ladders how do you even have oh i hate you wait where’s the end isn’t the end supposed to be right there i don’t know here’s where i found the diamonds are you both down there yeah why do i hear spiders i found diamond i found diamond iphone time and i filmed diamond i found diamond i found diamond i found diamonds oh what the frick we found it what are you doing yeah it’s right here come down here carl i found a mine shaft there’s a lot of spiders well we won’t up you cause we just want the portal oh skeleton skeleton i’m really scared uh there’s a spawner here get rid of it get rid of it i’m trying don’t die nolan nolan if you die i will kill you that makes no sense i made a mistake i made a mistake i’m getting feathers guys wait this guy doesn’t attack me i want to call him roland rowland the spider kill him don’t worry roland i will protect you yeah there’s another one over here wow this one’s aggressive this one’s aggressive he’s aggressive he’s not friendly i’m gonna die stop it you’re hurting me roland stop guys rolling is a little bit stronger than i thought what what’s he doing well i i can’t kill him and he’s killing me and i have like three hearts did you kill him no i just let him live i’m running guys i have to talk about rogue company wait that came out of nowhere why because they’re the sponsor of the video silly oh if you guys have watched the past mr beast gaming videos you’ll see that i enjoyed the heck out of rogue company rogue company is a free-to-play third-person shooter on xbox playstation pc and switch with cross play and cross save funny we could play the game right now on anything like a toaster if your toasters hooked up to a playstation then yes the game is a lot of fun and is constantly updated with new maps and new characters and speaking of new characters the game has recently announced a new road runway who brings their own arsenal to the field plus no no no no no that cannot be more good news road company has introduced a new weapon mastery system that allows players to master a weapon from one rogue and use it with a different one the options are limitless if you’re interested in starting rogue company use the link in my description and download on pc right now can we play it now no we’re playing minecraft all right back to the video we definitely need another portal there’s lava down here if we can get water here i’ll give you a water bucket bunny bunny don’t build up don’t build up there’s lava right above you i know i’m here with roland i’m placing water bucket it’s it’s obsidian now poland oh god we’re good oh god bunny just kill the spider you’re a terrible person you’re such a bad person okay okay okay listen now that that ark is over fundy can actually help us beat the game did you get the obsidian i have tan obsidian look at me what we got this we all have a good amount of iron armor i don’t have any iron armor what does the nether look like we have to find out count us down count a sound count us down five four three two one oh god there’s already an enderman girl there is a gas girl there is a gas call there is a ghast hey there isn’t gonna be for long there is three gusts how are we gonna survive there’s 20 billion gusts look at the nether right now this is one chunk i have a bucket of water we could write it down yeah yeah wait that’s a good idea nolan put the bucket of water down let’s let’s write it down you’re right somehow i feel like you’re being sarcastic no no no no that’s actually a great idea nolan i don’t fall for these tricks anymore do it nolan drop the water all right i’ll place i’ll place water you idiot it just burned up idiot now i feel stupid i’m running oh i found a chest i got golden iron that’s kind of good the hard part is is that since there’s only one actual chunk we’re just suspended over air over nothingness this might be one of the hardest challenges we’ve done i got five oh oh my god this is actually so scary it’s okay i’m coming to help i have three and a half hearts but i have six blaze ones i have two blizzards that’s that’s more than enough we can go we can go i didn’t believe in us until exactly right now this might be my first win let’s go guys we need to leave this wretched place how many eye offenders do you need uh seven that should be good right six seven yeah we got it we got it exactly let’s do it let’s do this let’s go holy cow can i put in the last eye of course you can yeah where are you all at it’s it’s further down whoa oh that was scary uh yo i believe in us i’m not even kidding this time i really believe we’re gonna do it let’s do this let’s go oh my god oh my god why are there so many endermen there’s so many enemies just start bridging okay i’m gonna shoot i’m gonna shoot the things i got one uh oh god no no we need to move where where are we supposed to move fundy oh my god we’re going to move ah nolan no oh my god oh my god oh it’s coming it’s coming for us we need to go we need to go now we need to go down go down go down just dig there’s purple here i will die why is there purple going down i looked at enemies i’m so dumb there it is okay i got one i have an idea and it’s gonna be risky if i get the crystal and i die can you promise to kill the dragon for me of course i promise i’m going for it oh you’re going for it now oh i saw you oh you’re gone no he’s flying oh oh what the wall oh my god i’m throwing oh god we gotta go we gotta go we gotta go before that thing charges oh god hurry hurry i’m in the thing i’m gonna die i’m gonna die for breaking don’t die just don’t oh he did it oh pearl back yes yes we gotta kill him we gotta kill him come on go go go go okay here we go here we go go back oh i get girl [Music] oh my god i threw the pearl terribly oh no you have to kill him you have to kill him no oh my god you’re going to destroy the ender dragon it is about to be over there it is here it is oh my god it’s perfect here it is oh this is it [ __ ] oh no are you kidding me imagine if funny dies right here you can’t die here it is here it is here it is here it is we’re gonna do it fargo and roland we did it holy cow let’s go we beat minecraft in one chunk yeah don’t forget to subscribe i’ll see you guys in the next one

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