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we have seven artists and you will be making art out of one million dots in front of you are seven sheets of paper over here we have pens we have markers we have pencils anything to well create dots rules are you can only use one dot at a time you can only use one pen or marker at a time i feel traumatized by our last video with dots you have six hours and whoever has the best piece will win up to five thousand dollars per subscriber and a little something for yourself too so all the losers are going to lunge up the entire hill are you all ready yes go last time i did this was the 100 million dots video and i can still hear that i have a lot of colors so i feel like i want to make some kind of trippy optical illusion i was going to do lisa and i wanted to make her almost look like a beautiful like goddess statue but you don’t have to change anything about that you just you’re right okay cheating i’m gonna be dotting money i’m making a treat yeah i’m gonna be dotting a macaw a flower i’m doing a video game character wait i’m confused what’s going on we are gonna go down the row this way and go around close your eyes we’re gonna do the whole switch take a topic all right babe you’re doing flowers money you’re doing a video game character i’m doing lisa i knew it i was gonna get jazzed [Applause] a tree and that means izzy you’re gonna be doing a verb i love birds just so you know in blackpink’s most viewed music video lisa is holding a bird [Music] all right everyone close your eyes something happens to the person that grabs the orange pencil [Music] there’s only one left all right everyone look at your pencil you know how each of you guys are always paired with a subscriber well this time we’re doing it a little bit differently michelle you will be paired with two subscribers so whenever you win for your subscriber is double that’s a lot of pressure and the interesting thing is i just ate subscribers so all of them are gonna pick who they want to be partnered up with [Music] what is your name and where are you from um joel and i’m from israel we’re doing a pointillism crafts challenge so we’re making art just like using dots and if i win you’ll have the chance to win up to five thousand dollars i’m basically doing this picture and i added birds over it do it just believe in yourself i have like the base of the tree right here as long as mckenzie’s not little options because she’s awful i hate you charles statistically speaking you have the highest shard this tree you’re working on right now so this is the tree of life the roots aren’t gonna be just like brown like green it’s gonna be like a mandala whoa that looks nice so far izzy thank you i think your main struggle is gonna be time i agree okay bib so you’re changing it that means it’s in the rows yes whoa jake that’s actually pretty cool i think it’ll turn out cool as long as i can finish it it’s a race against time for me over here michelle a money sign yeah we’re gonna do anything else this is it because i’m gonna finish i like everyone else kenzie let me see yours so far it’s a working purpose ooh ben that looks kind of cool you like the trippy face that’s nice so far artists over here i have an electric pet this can make a ton of dots every second we’re gonna bring in rock paper scissors if you beat me you get one of these if you lose you have to lunge twice around the house all right everyone go to your lunches zach i’m so sore i’m not doing like today i didn’t stretch before we leave these aren’t even real lunges stretch first then no ah this hurt this is so difficult well michelle’s going so fast now i’m so sweaty from all those lunges but here’s the progress that i have on my tree so far i’m doing multiple colors to fill in it almost done with lisa’s face i think we could actually win with this give me a number three 49 12 7 52 73 if you set an odd number you get an electric pen [Music] mckenzie and viv unfortunately since you guys chose an even number you guys are stuck with what you have all right ben tell me how you’re doing so far the little pattern optical wizard thing is kind of hard to figure out tell me how it’s going it’s taking a lot longer than i thought it was going to do you kind of wish you had the electric pen yeah that would be really nice right about now jake that video game character looks so scary it looks like the annabelle doll michelle very nice thank you this looks nice so far thank you izzy did your pen die no but i’m just using this pen for right now looks like you still have a ways to go yeah jess how’s your tree going you’re covering a lot of ground but you haven’t gotten to the ground yet yeah if you remember steve from some of the og videos he’s going to be a guest judge hi guys steve since you’re the guest judge for today you get to pick their next punishment you have your drunken goggles that’s another bad idea artists i’m gonna give each one of you a piece of paper you’re gonna have three minutes to make art out of dots the best four are gonna be safe the bottom three will be wearing drunk goggles and drawing for the next 30 minutes oh my god ready go five four three two a banana some cherries [Music] maybe it has a deeper meaning that i can’t compromise mckenzie unfortunately that means izzy michelle jake drunk goggles for you 30 minutes starts now it looks like a little alien wait wait jake you won that video i beat mckenzie and she paints all the time was way better than yours the subscribers did [Music] it’s been 30 minutes you can take her drunk goggles yeah i have such a huge headache after the goggles so i think i may be almost done i really think we could win we have 30 minutes left my drawings coming out pretty good so i’m gonna try to finish it up and make it look really awesome five four three two one everyone stop what you’re doing that was a lot of thoughts clean up a bit and get ready to present who wants to start us off today i will jess tell me about your piece all right so i got blessed with the concept of a tree so i made these like rainbow clouds to fill the tree and then i was going with this like mandala effect for the bottom obviously i didn’t get to finish that but i was pretty proud of how it came out i like how you went with some different colors for the top it makes it very vibrant and colorful it seems very busy at the top less than fizzy yeah good job jess izzy tell us about yours i wanted to initially create lisa from blackpink but then i got given jake’s bird topic so i wanted to kind of combine them both still so i created lisa and i made a beautiful dove because she’s an angel yeah i like how the dove kind of like just like swoops in a little bit that’s really cool good job izzy viviana tell us about this piece i got flower so i wanted to incorporate lisa i do portraits and i felt like making just the rose wasn’t enough so i added her face right in the side well i guess your drawing makes it look like she’s wearing a very fancy dress and hat like a shower cap all right michelle so originally i had a tree all i had to do was a dollar sign it is very simple yeah very clean and simple the shadowing is interesting for sure whoa jake tell me about this thing i got video game character so i decided to draw my main one-trick pony champion in the video game that i play i didn’t finish it i think i bit off more than i could chew but i think it still came out pretty nice for what i have now if you look at the eyes it’s actually like very detailed and there’s a lot of life in there i would say compared to some of the other ones yours does have some richer more vibrant colors good job jake mckenzie i had originally flowers but then i got lisa i like it i figured you would i i do think you got like a nice gradient over here ben tell me about your piece so i have this little smiley face right here he’s like dripping out and then i got shrooms growing out of this character’s head is he tripping out too i got my optical illusion and some patterns well i would say i really like the pattern and just the way you put it together it looks very complete and finished very nice then good job as you guys know there will only be one winner and six people with very buff legs steve eliminate the first person michelle get ready for your lunges eliminate someone else i guess i’ll have to go with jake that’s very good it’s unfinished go get ready for your lunches we’re down to our last five i’ll have to go with jazzy’s broccoli treat we have one video game character and three portions of lisa it has to be one of the visas i think her hair is a big part of her i take full responsibility for that now we’re gonna play sudden death everyone close your eyes the two that pick the yellow pencil will go head to head is he reached behind you mckenzie and izzy you two will go head to head right now one lisa will be eliminated i asked peyton which one she thought was better top or bottom all right she hearted the bottom one which is izzy’s oh unfortunately you’re out the subscriber has made a decision drumroll please [Applause] that was a really really close one oh my goodness mackenzie’s face is turning red [Applause] i’m with me to see what you win for your subscriber and the rest of you guys outside for lunches boys and girls lunch up the all right hill pre-workout is going to make me yak does it make it worse that is he won this challenge it’s not going to happen again she’s supposed to be intimidating me right now she can barely get to this piece of paper here’s what you’re going to do you’re going to draw circles within a circle so you can start with a large one go smaller and then the next circle needs to be within that circle for each circle you end up drawing you get ten dollars for a subscriber and one dollar for you but if you run out of space you run out of space okay [Music] 59 60 i don’t think i can fit anymore that was 260 right it was 360.

360. you just won 3.6 grand and you won 360 for yourself yay don’t be a square be a circle subscribe [Music] you.

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