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oh there they are look they’re cute too right i’m gonna hit like a cute song oh boy [Music] hey what’s going on everybody for first we feast i’m shawn evans and you’re watching hot ones it’s the show with hot questions and even hotter wings and today we open up season 16 with jimmy kimmel he’s the emmy award-winning elder statesman of late night catch jimmy kimmel live weeknights 11 35 10 35 central on abc he also executive produced once upon a time in queens a four-part documentary on the 86 mets available now on espn plus jimmy kimmel welcome to the show thank you sean it’s great to be here i brought you a gift because i know what you need is more hot sauce this is my favorite hot sauce catino so that’s for you not that you need more hot sauce but it’s a tasty it’s not really a hot hot sauce and let me tell you something flavorful maybe you don’t know this but jacob gattino a mutual friend of ours right hot sauce world he actually made our first ever hot one sauce he told me that generally speaking how are you around the spicy stuff i’m pretty good with it i like spicy stuff i was um you know when i was in high school i i wasn’t quite that adventurous so we go to this place called billy’s west in las vegas i grew up in vegas me and my friend tommy we’d get a 50 wings a piece and he’d get him extra hot i’d get my medium and one night we bought them we went home we’re eating them we’re drunk of course i’m going gosh mine are really really hotter than usual he’s like yeah mine would feel hot at all and i think we got through like half of the bucket each before we realized we had each other’s buckets well you’re ready to relive that trauma time i’m ready i’m ready i think i’m ready i don’t know [Music] i’d rather drink this whole bottle of hot sauce than drink milk it’s disgusting to me i’m also gonna try to do it without the water okay because i know matt damon drank a lot of water and i just i’m part of why i’m here is to teach him a lot there we go there we go okay tasting [Music] that’s a nice start so i want to start with your latest project once upon a time in queens would you describe as a must-see story of a team at a time whose antics and even existence now seem unimaginable beyond being a mets fan in the team winning a world series what is it that you find most compelling or everlasting about that particular clubhouse this is a group of crazy people this was a group of i mean the guys who got four fights this team got in four on field fights in one season which is unusual this is a team that was popping pills and doing all sorts of drugs and even more so it’s like new york in the mid-80s and what that was like and it seemed like people were having a lot of fun and then do you have an all-time favorite jimmy kimmel fantasy baseball moment because between having vin scully announce one of your celebrity softball game homers and then facing mets pitcher pedro estacio for man show [ __ ] oh that’s right i did yeah you have some big ticket items in the bucket list oh boy yeah i’ve had a lot of um i have to say hitting that home run on espn and that softball game was top five greatest things ever to happen to me and i’ve showed that clip and i would love it if you show that clip right now i’ve showed that clip no less than 150 times on my show well you know maybe you can use your clout in the disney family here to help us license the clip now that clip will be granted free not just to you but anyone wants to use it against one of the great softball pitchers in the game as usual he was always guilty of talking too much before he actually had it but he’s a little nervous considering this there’s a long fly ball the deep right center [Music] oh i have this sauce at my house and it’s good so i’m really drawn to your small market radio war stories which to me are like the true broadcasters corollary it’s like the comedian’s comedy circuit early in your career can you give me one firing from a radio station that you look back on and agree was totally justified and then another one that you would say that you would regard as bs even to this day none of them were totally justified um all of them were somewhat justified but still i can’t believe and this is the sort of thing that keeps me up at night i i think about how hard i was working and like what i was doing which was not particularly polished but pretty good and the fact that i kept getting fired over and over again and i can only come to one conclusion it’s that i did not have any common sense when it came to how to get along with your boss with your superior one time i had this boss named mark todd at krq in tucson arizona and there was a hot dog sitting out somewhere so we took it and we shoved it in his desk and we closed the drawer of the desk the next day um we’re in his office and we see the hot dog in the garbage and we wait till he goes out and we take the hot dog and we put it in like another drawer in it and we just kept going on and on for like 11 days at night we actually pushed up the ceiling tiles and climbed over the wall into his office which was locked i got on his desk and the desk collapsed under my weight the whole bookshelf came down the office was absolutely destroyed this is our boss completely destroyed and uh we’re like oh [ __ ] so we just kind of walked out the door and left and left it like that he came into work he’s like what was he quick in my room still isn’t he probably to this day doesn’t know what happened but now he does [Music] hops this is no relation to no not dehoff okay you’re getting a little harder yeah that’s good too though tastes good so from building out a custom pizza oven to an immersion circulator for sous vide cooking it’s clear that you have an obvious affinity for food what’s the best home cooking lesson that you’ve ever learned about making pizza at home from chris bianco and do you like wise have something that you’ve picked up on the art of grilling from adam perry lane as chris bianco goes and as far as uh making pizza goes it’s almost impos what chris does is magical it’s like you know you could he could train you for a month and you still won’t be able to do it you know but um from him i learned that um it’s better to be sparing with ingredients like you know i remember as a kid like ordering extra cheese on the pizza and of course yeah of course i want the extra cheese but the truth of the matter is the best pizza has just the right amount of sauce and just the right amount of cheese on it if you put too much the dough doesn’t get cooked properly so you need to have the real estate needs to be arranged in a nice way and from adam um i’ve learned a lot of different things about meat one of them is that you can take a baseball bat and you can pound the steak mercilessly and then throw it on the grill and it’s gonna probably taste better oh and a little cathartic as well yeah for sure [Music] i make a nice chicken wing myself yeah talking me through it what i do is i make a combination of hot sauce barbecue sauce a blue cheese dressing i’ll smoke the wings in my smoker and then i finish them on the grill to crisp them up that’s a big hit on super bowl sundae do you remember at what point you fell in love with the prank call like how far back does it go and do you have any memory of your first successful one yeah um in fact i have tapes of uh being like 10 years old and making prank calls with my best friend clito who’s now my band leader on my show khalido carried on a full sexual relationship with an adult british man pretending to be a woman for like a month’s time he’d say oh meet me at the flamingo i’m going to be at the barn then this poor guy would go show up thing and it worked well for us and then what was it like to fly out to detroit for a weekend and shoot crank anchors with eminem i read that he he reached out because he had to be on the show because he loved it he did yeah he loved the show and um we went and recorded at his studio with him which was a lot of fun and this is like ah gosh i don’t know what year i think i guess it’s like maybe like 2001 or something and um you know at the time we thought maybe he was a scary character but he was very nice and really into it he loved the show and in fact he used our crank anchors puppets in a music video that he did right yeah that was pretty great oh richard pryor was a fan of crank anchors whoa when he was toward the end of his life and he was very ill and his wife called us and said richard is a big fan of the show and he wants um to know if you have any more episodes that he can watch and we’ve been working on the next season and so we sent him all the rough cuts of our our crank calls which he watched and apparently enjoyed and that for me was i mean that’s awesome that’s about as good as it gets [Music] okay all right yeah that’s a little step up [Music] mm-hmm good though are you guys taking it easy on me or uh is matt damon just as big a wuss as i thought he was dropping him all right jimmy we have a recruiting segment on our show called explain that gram where we do a deep dive on our guest instagram pull interesting pictures that need more context correct so we’ll pull up the picture on the monitor you just tell us the bigger story oh the don tommy lasorda oh man i’ve had so many funny experiences with tommy lasorda one time i was at a spring training game tommy was coaching but tommy was sound asleep in a folding chair on the field and he’s like this he’s snoring and anytime somebody would have him the third base coach joe moffitano would give him an elbow and tommy when he woke up he was already cursing he’d go like this god damn it you [ __ ] here and then he told us about going through you son of a [ __ ] it was unbelievable and then there was that time that you actually tried out for the dodgers i did we tried out for the dodgers adam carolla and i and uh we didn’t make the team you’ll be shocked to learn but we had a great day and i kept i think we kept saying to tommy like we’re going to go out there and give 110 percent there’s no drove him insane he’s like yeah there’s no such thing as a hunter just a hundred percent like ah we like to crank it up to 110 and then what is the key to making the perfect simple weeknight marinara i don’t know why i didn’t realize this sooner but it’s to have great tomatoes and the best tomatoes are bianca dinapoli canned tomatoes they are the best tomatoes and um chris bianco grows them california new york times agreed they did they raided all the tomatoes and they said they’re the best but you want to do it’s pretty simple you get a little bit of olive oil you crush some garlic cloves you get them till they’re just golden you remove them from the olive oil you throw the tomatoes in you bring it to a boil you put a little bit of salt in set it to simmer you throw some basil in wait a half hour you got a great meal [Music] pretty good nice work honduras so i know that you’ve long dreamed of having a late night show and i was tickled to read that your first ever car and a suzu eye maker actually had the vanity plates late night yeah i think that late night show hosts they have such a unique vantage point into the changing face of celebrity culture and what ways has the nature of famous people coming into due press and what ways do you think it’s changed the most from when you started to now huh interesting well for me i know a lot of things have changed like you know i used to have terrible guests [Laughter] for the most part i mean i get like i wouldn’t even get jill millionaire i’d get like the third the girl he rejected fourth on the show you know so um but it’s a little bit competitive with the other shows because you want to get these guests first but we’ve worked out such an arrangement now that it’s like all right you get jennifer aniston first this time next time we’ll swap you know or whoever it is and um i think it’s for a friendlier environment than maybe it used to be i think part of that is probably because most people don’t watch our shows at 11 35 they watch them online whenever they feel like it so you don’t have to really choose between shows you can watch all of them yeah i’ve heard you say something kind of interesting about how like when the idea of that competition gets brought up how you think about when you were working at radio and like these smaller markets how that was much more competitive than what you’d think of in like the late night wars guys yeah yeah because you can only listen to one radio show driving to work every day at a time you can’t listen to two but now you can you know and then you were on to youtube really early like way before any other of these uh late night show hosts yeah after we made this video i’m [ __ ] matt damon right people started posting it on their youtube channels and it was getting millions many like tens 100 million views something like that some people would like add stuff to it or they didn’t i didn’t like the way they were presenting it and so i said you know what i didn’t think there would ever be any like revenue associated with it but i said let’s have our own youtube channel so that we can make sure we have like a good quality copy of the video and that just kind of became what it was and then you know now everybody has one no problem i don’t even eat the bone [Music] yeah no pretty good [Music] oh now it’s making yeah now it’s yeah now it’s coming through okay yeah yeah it’s like building delayed yeah later on it’s like getting kicked in the nuts you know it doesn’t hurt right that second but the lingerie in the front give it about 11 seconds and you’re gonna be on the ground plumes a bit of plumes so i think it’s safe to say that you wouldn’t be doing what you’re doing now if not for the inspiration of of living legends like howard stern and david letterman and i think if you were to ask letterman fans what it is about him that makes him great you get a different response from everyone that you ask but i’m curious from your unique perspective what do you think was his strongest trait as a talk show host oh well i think that they seem to be doing the show without any regard for the audience and it seemed to be like nobody’s watching which was not true let’s do what we think is funny and i think that’s the first time i saw that on network television you know and they just do these long weird bits that could only exist in the middle of the night and i just remember falling in love with the show and not mentioning it to anybody my tongue’s starting numb right now and um and uh the first person i mentioned the show to was my grandfather who was like 80 something at the time i said he said to me actually do you ever see this guy letterman i was like yes i love that guy and that’s when i realized that i loved that guy and then i think one thing that you and howard stern have in common is a fascination and sort of a soft place in your heart for individuals with very odd personalities yeah yeah we’re weirdo magnets yeah yeah and what ways do you think he’s influenced you most as a broadcaster no in huge ways um i will say the one distinction is howard has an affinity for those people on the air i welcome them into my home he really taught me without expressly teaching me that the show is what’s most important and i just remember hearing him one day going on and on about his brother-in-law and his in-laws visiting and he was brutal describing it and i was just thinking like oh this guy has to go home this guy has to go home his wife’s gonna look that’s my brother you [ __ ] right but it was it was worth it to him he made that sacrifice for us and that honesty and really that philosophy of just saying whatever you think you shouldn’t say saying it i really just went nuts for it this is the one that’s like the prank right yeah yeah okay the bomb beyond insanity oh yeah my nose is starting to run yeah and when the sauce gets hot i’m gonna warn you i get the hiccups so sometimes i do as well so maybe we’ll start singing back and forth here nope no i got the hiccups okay oh there they are it’s like i summoned them and those are deep they hit they’re cute too right i’m going to hit him like a cute huh oh boy wow yeah that’s that’s hot yeah yeah that’s the bomb beyond insanity okay i’m right with you right with you i’m still going no milk i might have to blow my nose a little bit let the record show before before your career in hollywood took off how would you distill the experience of being a wedding dj is that a lovely remember we’re supposed to ignore the fact that you’re poisoning your guests you’re killing your guests then we’re building our conversation oh my god just be careful around your eyes you know you’ll sweat a little don’t touch the eyes like careful around good tip yeah uh it’s a lot of pressure because if you screw up you ruin somebody’s wedding day this is hitting me in a big way but it was fun to do and if i was somebody who was skilled at picking up girls it would have been a great way to pick up girls what would you say is the number one guaranteed to get the dance floor jumping wedding anthem of all time uh moni money probably is one that cuts across all age groups [Music] all right jimmy how you feeling bad yeah yeah are you ready to move on to the next very much so [Music] i’m drooling and crying at the same time this is the first you’re like barbara walters you know you make your guests cry but in a different way i’ll take that i take that as such a compliment coming from you jimmy all right so this is hellfire the crank sauce okay hellfire the crank sauce huh so it sucks but i think coming off the heat of the last one i don’t even know which one is burning me now because i’m still buzzing like a like there’s a like a nest of bees in my mouth right now they’ve stung me a thousand times from the inside women have lips like kylie jenner at the end of this so there’s a film that you made that very few people have heard of but for my money not being hyperbolic in any way i think is the funniest movie i’ve ever seen in my life and that’s windy city heat oh thank you yeah and i’m just curious how do you regard that project like what’s the greatest achievement in my life i mean it’s uh it’s a prank that was going on for 20 years and when when we made this movie and it’s still going on 20 years later and there’s a guy named perry and it’s almost impossible to explain but one thing i could tell people before they watch it is it’s 100 real not a bit of it is is phony i mean it’s all phony in that everyone is playing a prank on one guy uh thank you yeah uh that is i i could watch that movie seven times a week i ca and and you know what i’ll say is uh you know i could probably quote the whole thing oh really and it’s one of the it’s trouble brewing you know i got a city of broken shoulders big dreams all right well i’m glad to hear that uh-oh here we go [Music] glass dab all right here we go dabbers [Music] i’m gonna put a couple dabs whoa all right all right cheers jimmy cheers to you sean here we go [Music] my sinuses are clear my lips are on fire my tonsils will never be the same and i’m gonna get your phone number so i can call you i’m in the bathroom tonight of course i do a baptism by fire through hot ones but thankfully jimmy we’ve reached the finish line of our spicy meal together and you’re a man of many hidden talents from clarinet to drawing to pizza making so we’re hoping right here you’ll be generous enough to show off another one of those hidden talents oh we’ve brought you harmonica oh wow and we’re hoping if you would be so kind to give us a musical expression of how can i feel my nose monica sure beautiful a musical expression of how you’re feeling right now with your mouth lips and tongue ablaze all right yeah all right let’s see here we go [Music] it’s hard to play harmonica when your tongue is twice its normal size [Music] oh my goodness absolutely beautiful jimmy kimmel closing it out with the harmonica solo and now my friend there’s nothing left to do but roll out the red carpet for you this camera this camera this camera let the people know what you have going on in your life what do i have going on my life well i’m gonna go to the cedar sinai hospital um i’m gonna get a mouth transplant and uh no you know what i’m gonna do i’m gonna drink some uh what is this came out of a cow what do they call it a little milk yeah i’m gonna go home and i’m have a little milk not right now though because i want to make sure it’s very clear i drank no milk and no water during this torture session let the record show thank you [Music] great job jimmy great job [Applause] have you ever had to shoot more than one show in a day never more than one in a day but i’ve done like i’ve strung together like three and three days or like four and four days before you know and then and does it ever become very very unpleasant it could be the said like the same thing about like uh an nfl linebacker or something you know like the the physical toll sacrifice like eating the chicken wings it can’t be worse than that right so i feel like i can run it out on some level all right that’s a good way of looking at it that’s my compartment [Music] hey what’s going on hot ones fans this is sean evans i just wanted to say thank you so much for watching today’s episode season 16.

we’re back and we missed you thank you so much for watching [Music] you.

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