Showing Felix My FUNNIEST TikToks

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down up down up do you think there’s a better way of recording these days that doesn’t make you have to sink that if you use bandicam well you can do it okay welcome to tick tocks everybody yeah i’m excited felix showed me his tic-tacs last time so i thought i’d do this well i was gonna do one of these videos anyway so i’ve been saving up some but then when i knew you were coming on i had to pull out the big guns these are probably terrible this is like when you show your friend like your favorite funny movie and they sit there and don’t laugh the whole time so if you don’t laugh i’m gonna die inside uh we’ll see who has the spiciest tick tocks me or jack huh you design okay do you only follow ryan reynolds yeah he’s got a great tick tock i will say yeah hey vsauce michael here what is ligma ligma balls got him god damn it what if we couldn’t [Music] that’s it all right it got it got me halfway through and then i dropped my knife and i got distracted sorry i ruined it that’s okay you’re just that one add kid then i did a test online and i don’t have it okay thank you fair enough i talked i told my mom too she’s like no you’re just really nerdy i’m like okay see i’ve always wondered that myself as well i’m like yeah you know how you see the stuff online it’s like i kind of match a lot of this but i don’t want to just say that oh i have a dd and i’ll use that to blame all my problems on hey let’s do the test we should go together yeah holding hands maybe not that’s that’s it all right let me just keep showing the tick tock yeah that takes time let’s go okay if you go to a public bathroom take a [ __ ] with the door open for you man god damn it i really like that idea yeah just be a man there’s some of these tick tocks that i want i go past and like this is so stupid but then the more i look at it the more i think about it the funnier it gets and i don’t yeah just be a man man be a man take a [ __ ] with the door open or [ __ ] in the shower don’t don’t all right i’m done i’m leaving what’s wrong with you you know it’s like it’s not even funny i don’t know why i save it but still it’s just a lot of random humor is that one of those like uh really good youtube channels where someone gets possessed or something like what am i looking at i need the context oh my god maybe that’s why it’s funny because the context isn’t there you know why we think this is funny jang because we are so smart our creative brains are so adapt that we’re thinking a thousand different funny scenarios in context of this and we laugh ourselves maybe you are i’m just a [ __ ] idiot it’s gonna [Music] oh my god jack bruh what’s wrong with you what’s wrong with you any tick tock in the morning no no no no this is jesus turning water into wine i have turned water into wine i think i’ve seen this what’s wrong he’s done with merlot again what’s wrong with merlin what’s right jesus yeah can you do me something else like what like a malbec or a pinot noir or something yeah no i can’t do those ones i’m afraid what about like like a rioja or oh i’d have a rioja no i can’t do rioja i mean i’d settle for like a chatter nerf to pack just drink it i could probably do a shiraz wow i’m not a wine guy i don’t know yeah see i’m i’ve started drinking red wine and i don’t know anything about them i don’t know their notes i don’t know their floral tastes or anything but i know which ones i like and which i don’t okay and that’s basically looking at the menu and i’m like oh they only have a malbec huh [Music] this one i’m curious about because this is like a language one and i want to know after we watch this one i want to know what the words are in swedish i’ve what is wrong with them [Laughter] potato yeah she’s great at making jokes german language is just the worst i stand by that i don’t care german people crying right watching right now it’s the worst i mean when i was a child having to go and going to germany and listen to that dub das cartoons oh no the hell is this what are they doing why is that speaking like that yeah why what’s wrong in germany we’re so angry all the time i think all the countries in europe say beer somewhat like beer right yeah and i think germa is like for once germany calls it beer it’s like biera or something like that yeah beer then you go to sweden it’s like [Laughter] oh jesus gotta have that um what’s hospital in swedish cruce what’s science vietnam’s scop oh my god you guys are just as weird yeah i know not tourvision shops natural shop that makes sense well the thing is i think they say sex and then the german person says intercourse or something or like sexual intercourse which is obviously a lot different i have a question sure why do they call it dutch because when i hear dutch i think deutschland so i always thought dutch was german but no dutch isn’t german what is the language of german hey i speak germany deutsch deutsche deutschen dutch yeah oh dumb deutschland is germany uh dumb is them i know i don’t get it either and then you have the netherlands and you have holland and that’s a whole mess yeah just stop it make up your mind yeah whatever man yeah they’re dumb not me not us yeah no swedish is totally fine well that was 45 sheep missing like in the lamps and i wasn’t in the shape that’s going to count out a nice [ __ ] like done about you nothing all right you could technically say oh no wait wait wait i didn’t think that through is that logan paul right hand for ass left hand for tents [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] you can tell as soon as he lowers his head he’s like damn damn i got a dismay [Laughter] i like that he commits to it as well hell yeah that’s beautiful also it’s the right choice i’ll stand by an ass all day every day oh or an ass man i see yeah i’m out of culture i’m both a man you know all right the shaking leg fart is bad but oh both is [ __ ] hilarious i’m the guest you’re supposed to be nice i forget everybody’s nice to anybody you know me i’m the angry man i don’t know why i’m here you’re here to look at this stupid cat hell yeah [Laughter] yeah get it let’s go drop that deuce come on kitty see bb stands and puts his paws up on this like he really he elevates himself yeah you gotta film that i gotta i want to see that no peepee poopoo joke for me i don’t know why i saved some of these and some of them i can tell that yeah i totally i i don’t judge i’m the same i’m the same sometimes i can tell i’m like why didn’t i save this so i’ll skip over them whatever monkey funny [Music] that’s kind of cute i like that a good monkey meme gotta get him yeah all right since you never asked me what pos since you never asked me courteously like i do when i have guests i have seen this one thanks for asking i don’t ask because i don’t care there you go walk right into that one great all right so you have seen this one i have yeah okay it’s a good one it’s a good one it’s a great one aren’t you oh no no i think i sent this to the group oh oh [ __ ] you’re right why is this funny it shouldn’t be funny no you’re right but it’s i think again like higher level of intellect to really fully appreciate yes i never heard any english you’re singing in swedish you got a friend in me okay so for some reason this is me and for some reason every now and then a clip of mine just makes it onto tick tock this is you well it’s not the obviously this isn’t me but that’s no i got i got that huh [Applause] [Music] i don’t know why what a great edit too yeah somebody just puts a filter and finds a sound and then suddenly i’m all over tick-tock and i don’t get it i like that that’s cool yeah it’s a good technique too be proud of that you know how we looked at impressions before yeah some dude did this one but he didn’t use the sound he did it himself oh no what a creative tick tock yeah yeah well done that’s the best impression of me i think i’ve heard damn so better than mine all right fair enough yeah it’s pretty good yeah thanks no no egg oh that’s horrible egg what it looks so real i know that’s 65 million views damn oh so [ __ ] weird okay you like lord of the rings right love it so end of the third movie okay let’s let it play [Music] don’t ruin don’t ruin that beautiful scene stop it you know you want to watch this [Music] it’s not done yet hang in there this is the best part and you’re ruining it you can still like it i love the soundtrack yeah wait who’s that you know i’m getting lost mel what the [ __ ] it’s sam oh come on because he just comes in and the two of them just look at each other and yeah they had a twinkle in the eye look the best scene in lord of the rings is when he walks down to the hobbits and they bow and he says my friends you bow to no one ah that’s way better it makes me cry every time it makes me want to re-watch lord of the rings man we will we will new trailer for a spider-man [ __ ] out of the way i can’t see there are cars there [ __ ] spiderman can’t get home [ __ ] out of the way i can’t see there are cars there [ __ ] oh toby nah i right [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] you paparazzi if you piss off toby maguire yeah you’re you’re at fault okay i don’t care i just feel bad that he had to go through that because that [ __ ] is annoying it’s already annoying when you’re out and people are like taking pictures yeah especially if you’re like trying to eat or something like then i’m fine people come up talk meet whatever it’s just sometimes you can’t do it i just i know it’s the meme but you only see the part where they’re outraged right you don’t see the part where the paparazzi are like [ __ ] with them i hate it i’m surprised that that [ __ ] is legal that you’re allowed like just follow somebody with a camera yeah it’s insane stick it in their face yeah this will cheer you up okay you showed me have you seen this one you see this one you know this one thank you for asking no i have not you showed me a cat with uh the crazy back legs last time yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah oh he got a little tyrannosaurus rex heck yeah he’s so cute he’s got so much energy what is happening tick tock has really converted me on to to liking cats way more i i wasn’t a fan i like bb i like bb and preference and and uh fuji of course but i mean i like my i hate kids but my sister’s kids are fine i like that yeah exactly there there you go but every other kid is just the same but this [ __ ] turf yeah i don’t want to see them they’re not cute this one freaked me out i want to learn how to do this like with all the mad lads ooh what’s a double whistle it’s this whoa how do you do that what’s a double whistle you just blow up both sides of your mouth [Music] i just realized how dumb you look trying to do it oh wait i i need to go open my door real quick one sec okay i am back i bet i can whistle louder than you try it all right can you do higher come on what you got irish boy i’m doing it [Applause] all right i just destroyed you so whatever i didn’t hear anything i think you’re a compressor or something oh really yeah so i went [ __ ] just robin edited it so that i look really cool no robin please edit felix to look like really dumb from a scandinavian sweetie oh don’t [ __ ] stick together no it’s this thing is scandinavian pride come on i’ve got a lot of animal tick tocks to show you because this one just looks like edgar and maya are you crazy right here the original one amazing slapping this on top of it even better even i knew bloody busted you are bloody bloody blue it’s just like they’re so mad at each other that they have no idea how to insult each other anymore but i saved it because i thought about guramaya because they’re so cute i appreciate it i appreciate is that what it’s like in your house trying to feed them no they actually viciously attack each other like maya goes insane she gets so pissed like if they attack each other maya will die because that girl’s way bigger but maya gets so mad that she just she like tries to find him she like goes and looks for him even though we try and separate so much yeah exactly we’re like maya you will die in this battle stop it she’s like where the [ __ ] is that i failed to die you’re also blind and deaf maya stop this you can’t find him maybe that’s why it’s given her courage maybe she doesn’t understand what do you have why is your mouth making that noise why is your mouth making that noise drop it drop it drop it i love when they know they’ve done something bad it’s so cute that it’s got to be uncomfortable drop it what is it [Music] [Applause] [Music] what is it no it’s a chiquita chica no [Music] [Applause] oh god yeah that’s some nasty [ __ ] how did you sit there with it in your mouth you psycho died why is your mouth making that noise i’ve seen this specifically but i’ve seen this cat before i just like it because this is us and baby like yeah clean my [ __ ] bugs don’t really revel in it don’t they they don’t realize the power they have this one i [ __ ] hate because here we go they have there’s just a reaction at the end of it that i feel like is not needed but the rest of it is good here we go oh god this sauce gives me anxiety welcome back oh it’s well what yeah [Laughter] i don’t know why these [ __ ] dudes are at the end of it yeah i hate that i hate that i know what you mean oh god those songs are terrifying oh god dude stop stop planting this in my head stupid tech talk none of this will make the video none of this is okay good good good speaking of working out yes all the stuff that you guys didn’t hear about we were talking about working out so this is relevant okay oh heck yeah let’s go that’s a one-year-old lifting 15 pounds he also knows you have to scream and he’s lifting with his legs great form a great ball babies hitting me what is happening that’s a strong man in the making let’s go also the screaming you know it helps it really does everyone yeah she’s going to yell as you lift it sometimes i scream and i scare myself she’s like what’s wrong with me i’m like it’s a game so you don’t get it you don’t get it see this like tiny bit of peck that just formed it’s cause i yell [Laughter] you see that vein that popped out in my arm that i haven’t seen in like four months it’s because i yell you don’t get it just okay last one i want this oh back in the day i used to make boomerangs this is one of them this was a finger catch boomerang supposed to catch it with one finger oh today and i thought i’d come out and try and see if i can catch it again so here it goes that’s sick he actually did it okay i expected something horrible i don’t know why that was awesome god yeah dude look look how many splinters you’re gonna get from there now you sanded off all of this but you couldn’t do that yeah anyway uh check out my tick tock for these wonderful videos half the fun of tick tock is just playing with the damn filth there’s so many tick tocks where i do nothing i don’t like it it’s because it’s supposed to look dumb because tick tock is dumb oh some meta commentary i like it it really is just that idea of like showing your friend your phone being like and staring at their face like yeah you laughing yeah i guess that’s why i kept asking have you seen this [Laughter] i just go past the foreplay anyway thank you for being here it’s been a while since we did a video on my channel together heck yeah everyone go check out felix thank you you know where to find him pewdiepie jack doesn’t upload anymore just come over to my channel guys yeah seriously just go anywhere i feel bad i have nothing for people joking because you only upload quality like this bye

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