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https://www.youtube.com/embed/6vCDlmhRmBo This is funny, I didn’t do it on this trip, but sometimes when I fly and I have to fill out custom forms, when it says occupation, I write fire fighter. That’s how I feel an entrepreneur is you’re always ready for another fire. Whether it’s two o’clock in the morning or nine 30, you have to be ready. And I don’t struggle with that because I’ve been practicing it my whole life, which is why I fear when people try to become entrepreneurs because it’s cool. Now I worried about that because it’s very hard every single day I lose. And unless you’re good at that, you will not like entrepreneurship. [Upbeat Music] – [A Man] You got your perspective.[Upbeat music] – [A Man] happy. Don’t you want to be happy? [Upbeat Music] – Brazil, how are you? – [Crowd] Good. So I’m gonna do about 40 minutes…