Amazon Consulting Experts


https://www.youtube.com/embed/EdmqhL7qK8s (upbeat happy music) – Hello. I’m Brian Tracy, and welcome to the Brian Tracy Show. Today we have a remarkable man, one of the top Amazon marketing experts in the world today. His name is Sam Cohen, and he has many, many years of experience in sales and marketing as I found in commercial real estate, which is where I started many years ago. Sam, thank you very much for being here. – Pleasure to be here. It’s an honor to meet you. – It’s nice to meet you too. I love sales and marketing guys, hustlers. – Yes. – And I can just see that all over you. In Brooklyn, New Jersey, don’t get in your way. – That’s what we do. – That’s what we do. So tell me a little bit about what you do, and about yourself and … – Sure. So we started our…