beauty hack


https://www.youtube.com/embed/8IHHomjGf5k Ah feels so good to unwind and give myself some TLC TLC later Bella. Kids 100 layers time. Amy, keep cool Bella, keep cool, I’m gon na get you back eeny you ruined my knee time. So long peace and quiet Oh face is so heavy. We can’t see anything, that’s it they’re coming off gross! Oh look at my skin. It’S glowing that was worth it. I’M not sure what to wear right! No Amy! Please help me yeah sure that one’s fine you asked for it 100 layers of clothes. There you go Bella now, you don’t even need a decides. You can wear everything at once. So heavy, oh, my god. This is so annoying and should’ve just picked that one too it’s getting so hot in here and so stuffy. Oh okay, come on! Let’S do this! One more God knows how many more to…