best paper airplane


https://www.youtube.com/embed/bHglySrR5vs What are pilots? My name is Mahir Cave We will show you how to make a paper plane. Today’s paper plane looks great and it’s easy to do – so let’s put it together! But first – look at how it flies. Take a sheet of paper. Set the video quality to a higher resolution and let’s get started. If you’re new to my channel – don’t forget read the tips in the description. And also sign up I record a video like this every Thursday. Keep in mind that both sides should look the same. Turn the paper over. Slowly hold your hips smoothly. Turn the paper over. Turn the paper over. Now lower it and check that it remains on the center line. Fold this line – on this. Mark this point. Hold it as you lower this corner – to this row. Turn the paper over…