dixie damelio


https://www.youtube.com/embed/IZJWcYJ5-AI Oh hello, guys, it’s me nikki hello today. I am here to do a story time about how james charles, the one and only james charles rejected me a couple of weeks ago, james snapchat of me, and he was like. I want you to draw my makeup. Look for me so me, being in the middle of a restaurant. I was like okay, um, okay, sure my dinner’s right there, but i’m gon na do it for you baby. So i came up with this really fun. Purple blue polka dot, realness fantasy and i was like, oh my god, can’t wait to see it on his face and then a couple of days ago, james uploaded his my friends draw my makeup: look video and i’m so honored, because finally, charlie d’amilio, dixie demilio larae And myself have something in common: we got rejected by james charles…