Japanese idol


https://www.youtube.com/embed/9cLTWddQJ4E Yes. What is it? Do not do that. SKE48 1 + 1 is not a 2 It is close. It is angry. Everyone listening to the Tokai radio, do you see? Well, I see I see. Yes. The materials required to you? And say Ryoha! Ryoha! Thank you very much. You I want to be required to Little Tsundere 17-year-old It is Kitagawa Ryoha team S. How was it? Radio program. It was fun. Because for the first time, trying to self-introduction. Special skill is funny face. Hey try to funny face. It does not able to broadcast this. okay, barely. Nice batting! Mitsukichi “What do you know the Nice batting?” Because look closely at this program. Ryoha chan? Hi, Kitagawa Ryoha. Favorite thing is, to sleep, to eat, is to play. What you want to know? So try to funny face. I do not do that I would…