https://www.youtube.com/embed/fFHHddoPWzY Greetings, fellow snowflakes, sometimes I think we need us to confuse things by focusing too much on words and labels. Perhaps this is why what people call social justice get so much flak sometimes, but I don’t really pick sides. What is important to me is truth and compassion. This is the foundation behind all of my views and, although I often find myself coming down on the social justice side of things, there are also times when I can understand some of the criticisms people have towards certain ideas: take biological sex. I think that the existence of intersex people definitely proved the biological sex is not a strict binary. In other words, you can’t say people are always either biologically male or biologically female, that there are other people who exist, who have one set of chromosomes, but the physical and aptamil the other sex eg complete…