love boat


https://www.youtube.com/embed/O-5gjkh4r3g Listen up people. This is my cousin’s grandson and his buddy from Air New Zealand. They were telling me about their crazy safety videos. Well, I said if you want to know about survival. Talk to us, because you’re gon na want some advice from folks who have been there and done it. So this is safety, old-school style. We know you’ve probably seen it all before, but a few things may have changed a little since you last flew make sure any items by your feet are pushed well under the seat in front of you, Gavin MacLeod. What’S in the box, oh hi, Betty, oh Allah! This is a priceless, antique priceless antique. What is it your sense of humor? Oh welcome aboard Gavin if the captain switches on the seatbelt sign not back into allocated seats straight away, put that seat belt low across your hips…