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https://www.youtube.com/embed/yUPPYgDg-5U Vanna White has been a household name for more than 30 years now rising to start him on the popular game show Wheel of Fortune yeah but even though you’re sure to know her name what do you actually know about her new six meteorologist Candace Campos got to meet the TV icon and share some little-known facts about vana you see her most weeknights all right perfecting the art of letter spinning in 33 years it has remained $250 to buy a vowel and she’s also the world’s most frequent clapper with more than 600 claps per show another little known fact over the years vana has worn more than six thousand gowns and never the same one twice so the big question is how does she keep her arms in tip-top shape I do 10-pound weights and I have a pull-up bar how many can you do…