paula’s choice review


https://www.youtube.com/embed/YLjhxP3y-zM Hello everyone welcome back I am Rowena I am Felicia We’ve all heard the saying "Don’t be crazy about small things" Easy to say but surprisingly These little things still occupy a large part of our minds The protagonist of today's show They look trivial but frustrate confidence These annoying little guys Acne I am troubled by acne right now I have acne for the first time recently Yes I now finally understand the troubles of oily skin I believe many people have sympathy Although they are small and insignificant Has a big impact They may affect deep skin No matter what age Acne problems can really affect a person’s self-esteem and self-confidence And everyone has different causes of acne This is even more frustrating And when you get depressed, the acne gets worse why But believe us you are not alone When we understand the cause of acne…