https://www.youtube.com/embed/GQUV6JfzZEc Few things are more stressful than losing jewelry down a sink drain, but if you act quickly, and follow these instructions, you'll most likely be able to recover an item from the drain before it slips away forever. When jewelry goes down the drain, it's usually a bathroom sink drain. A woman might drop a ring or an earring while doing hair or applying makeup, while a man might drop a tie tack in the same way. If an item falls into an open sink drain, don't run water into the drain. Water could push the item beyond your reach. Without water flowing into the drain, the item will remain in the P-trap, which is the 'J'-shaped pipe beneath your sink.You'll need to disassemble the P-trap in order to recover the item. But first, there's a shortcut if you have a wet/dry shop-vac. Don't use a regular vacuum; you…