shrek game


https://www.youtube.com/embed/_NK4wPMlP0E Hello everybody! My name is Markiplier and welcome to The Onioning now it’s been a while since I played a memey, stupid, horror game and good to know that this is absolutely not that In fact this might be the scariest horror game.. of 2016. In the little bit of time we have in 2016, I think we may be facing the most dire threat we’ve… [scream in the distance] [screaming continues] …the most dire threat we’ve ever faced in our entire life. Good to know that mirror is functioning perfectly as a window into the underworld and I’m approaching this wall with utter care. OK, here we go! Oooh boy (chuckle) Oh! What a lovely bed I’ve got! *laughing* Ooh! What a lovely pillow! Aah! Just shaped like a dead g- ohh that doesn’t work at all. Hello! Ok. Goodbye. I thought I put…I thought I put the…