tap water


https://www.youtube.com/embed/N3ZrbKYmjQ0 what if i said that your drinking water contains  an element that's used in batteries and that   it could also be affecting your mood sometimes  referred to as the magic ion this element's name   is lithium and a recent review of decades of  research has found that trace amounts of lithium   found in the tap could be stabilizing your mood  and may even have the potential to reduce the risk   of suicide of all the elements lithium is one  of the lightest this soft silvery white metal   occurs naturally in soil rocks and many foods it's  also highly reactive particularly with water and   varying degrees of lithium can be found in  surface water groundwater and seawater around   the world and not only is it valued for boosting  the energy density of our batteries over the past   few decades lithium has gained recognition in  the medical community for its powerful…