the ring of fire


https://www.youtube.com/embed/0hp91mtsST0 According to a new study, most Americans throughout their lives, probably most of us on a daily basis, have interactions with others. And what I mean by others is not just a another human being, but another human being who’s not like us. They’re not the same color. They’re not the same religion. They’re not the same sexuality. They’re not from the same city, state, hometown, street, neighborhood, whatever. They’re different. They allow us to get a better taste of plurality here in the United States. The study says most of us live like that, but unfortunately there is a minority, but it’s a very strong minority of people in this country who do not ever experienced that. Some of it because of geography and they physically cannot experience it.Others by choice. And here’s the scary thing. It’s not just republicans. It’s like majority Republicans, but Democrats do it…